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Security force demand money from UN transport vehicle in Maungdaw

By KPN News 
October 10, 2013
Maungdaw, Arakan State: Security force
– Hluntin – from Oodaung outpost demanded money from a foods carrying vehicle
of World Foods Program –WFP – while its carrying foods to Maungdaw south to
distribute on September 9 evening, said a transport owner from Maungdaw. 
Six Hluntin personnel from Oodaung
outpost camp demanded 10,000 kyats from driver Syed Alam who was driving
vehicle number 5E/6176 and the vehicle owned by Islam, a Rohingya. So, the
Hluntin asked money from the vehicle as usual as collecting money from Rohingya
owned vehicle, the transport owner said.
But, the driver explained the security
force-Hluntin- that the vehicle was under WFP and carrying the foods for aids
program to poor people from Maungdaw south, so he can’t able to pay the
demanded money. After hearing the refused to pay demanded money, the six
Hluntin personnel started to beat the driver till the driver become
unconscious, said a driver who play on this road.
The commanding officer of Hluntin
battalion 13 which was stationed Maungdaw south rushed to the outpost and take
the driver to the Myinn Hlut Health center and ordered to give him best
treatment, said an aide of Hluntin who deny to mention his name.
The commanding officer also ordered not
to give permission to meet the driver and not allow to go out from Health
center, the aide said.
The security forces – police, Hluntin
and army- stationed on the roads, bridges and outpost camps, are collecting
money by forced from Rohingya community, Rohingya owned transport vehicles. It
is like the duty to pay money to them when crossed in front them, said Kamal
(not real named) from Maungdaw south.
There are more than 15 stations and out
posts of security forces in Maungdaw-Maungdaw south high way road, a Rohingya
who traveled on this road had to pay 2000 to 5000 kyats and Rohingya owned
vehicles had to pay more than 10000 kyats including demanding gas, wine,
cigarette and money. How the Rohingya community will survive for their lives
within these systems, said Sadek (not real name), a politician from Maungdaw.
Maungdaw high authority or commanding
officers are not known the systems of security forces stationed on the road
collecting money from Rohingya only, not from other community in Maungdaw, the
politician said.