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Rohingyas in Kyauktaw Fear of Rakhine’s Terror Attack Again

Report by Naim |
Written by M.S. Anwar

October 21, 2013
Kyauktaw, Arakan:
Rohingya Muslims in Kyauktaw township are living in fear of the potential
terror attack by Rakhine terror again. A fight between five Rakhines and five
Rohingyas took place on 18th October 2013. However, Myanmar authority has
arrested five Rohingyas, while no Rakhine has been arrested relating to the
A local of Kyauktaw
reported the account as follows:
“Around 3PM on 18th
October 2013, five Rohingyas from the Rohingya village of Pauktaw Palaung
(Foida Fara) village tract went for fishing to the nearby creek. Meanwhile,
some five Rakhines from the nearby Rakhine village also of Pauktaw Palaung
village tract came up and attacked the Rohingyas by arrows and marbles (using
catapults). The Rohingya boys dared to defend and caught one Rakhine, while the
other four Rakhines managed to flee.
The Rohingyas beat
up the Rakhine boy they had captured. So, Rakhines lodged complaints to the
military. Military arrested two out of five Rohingya boys. They are: 1) Ayub
Ali S/o Kadi (Age 55) and 2) Ahram S/o Idris (Age 45). Since then, the military
have kept the two boys incommunicado.
On 19th October
2013 night, hundreds of Rakhine extremists surrounded the Rohingya village,
Maidani Fara, and attempted to attack the villagers. However, the authority
prevented Rakhines from attacking Rohingyas saying that they had arrested the
And around 10AM
this (on 21st October 2013) morning, the military arrested three senior
Rohingya leaders for no reason. They are: 1) Mustafa Kamal S/o ? (age 52), 2)
Hafizur Rahman S/o (Age 49) and 3) Kaandur S/o Mohammed Omar.
On the other hand,
Rakhines are making gatherings and planning to attack Muslims in Kyuaktaw
again. We are living in fear of terror attack especially because we have
witnessed that Myanmar authority backed up Rakhine terrorists when they were up
for full-fledged attacks against Muslims in Arakan.
We request
international community and good Burmese to do their best to head off this
potential violence against Muslims in Kyauktaw.”