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Burmese Nobel Laureate DASSK Dislikes to Highlight anti-Muslim Violence

Aung San Su Kyi Photo (Reuters)

By Ibrahim
October 25, 2013 

Aung San Suu Kyi—the Burmese pro-democracy icon, opposition leader and Nobel
laureate— criminally silent and utterly failed to highlight or condemn the
increasingly ongoing ethnic cleansing against Rohingya and other ethnic Muslims
across the state.”
deceptive and tactic responds of DASSK concerning ongoing anti-Muslim violence
in Burma that are exposed as injustice, mockery and baseless absolutely:
an interview with the BBC on Thursday 24th 
October  2013 — DASSK employed
tactic devices to mask her hidden crimes of silence to speak up for against
anti-Muslim violence and to avoid condemnation of international critics and to
bring equivalence between Buddhist miscreants and  Muslim victims.
said “It’s not ethnic cleansing. … I think it’s due to fear on both sides. And
this is what the world needs to understand—that the fear is not just on the
side of the Muslims, but on the side of the Buddhists as well,” she said. “Yes,
Muslims have been targeted, but also Buddhists have been subjected to violence.
There’s fear on both sides, and this is what is leading to all these troubles.”
how DASSK blindly accounted the equivalence between the fears of only 4 percent
Muslims and the fears of 90 percent Buddhist as well as might of 4 percent and
might of 90 percent. What a mockery by a Nobelist DASSK it is!
a deceptive breathing, she added, “There’s a perception that Muslim power,
global Muslim power, is very great. And certainly that is the perception in
many parts of the world, and in our country, too.”
the 4 percent Muslim minority can be powerful— officially stateless in Burma
and disbanded their political parties— rather than the 90 percent majority
Buddhist who are predominantly ruling the country? According to a Burmese
traditional saying, doggish word from the mouth of Angel, the above tactic
expression exposed the doggish words from the mouth of DASSK, a Nobelist.
asked about Muslims in west Burma’s Arakan State who have lived in squalid
displacement camps, she replied: “I think there are many, many Buddhists who
have also left the country for various reasons. This is a result of our
sufferings under a dictatorial regime.”
is an absolute groundless explanation of DASSK concerning Rohingya and other
Muslim victims. The internally displaced people are victimized by Buddhist
ultra-nationalists and Burmese genocidal rulers. Those who fled during the
former dictatorship were not forced to flee but they fled willingly to let know
the brutalities of Juntas.
when asked DASSK to condemn to a notorious Buddhist hate-preacher who call
Muslims as Dogs, she said only I condemn hate of any kind.
DASSK operated such stupid words to utter words for condemnation so general as
to be baseless, merely, it is the racism of so called Nobelist DASSK.
when asked her, do you condemn the anti-Muslim violence?” DASSK replied: “I
condemn any movement that is based on hatred and extremism.”
an erect deception of DASSK that she absolutely denied to condemn the ongoing
genocide against Rohingya and other ethnic Muslims or anti-Muslim violence.
renowned Burmese dissident Dr. Maung Zarni is beating drum loudly that the
current violence against Rohingya that is occurring in western part of Burma is
must be called as Rohingya genocide, however, the pseudo Nobelist DASSK never
paid any attention to his call. Actually, DASSK is harum-scarum in anti-Muslim
is reprehensible—how a Nobelist, DASSK completely failed and deceived to speak
up for anti-Muslim violence in Burma.”
as a Burmese Rohingya activist, I, the writer have to write this article on
“Burmese Nobel Laureate DASSK Dislikes to Highlight anti-Muslim Violence” due
to her criminally silence to speak up for the ongoing ethnic cleansing or
anti-Muslim violence in Burma.
a victimized child advocate, I, the writer, appealed the special delegation for
Refugees who arrived from Geneva at Nayapara Refugee camp, UNHCR office, Cox’s
Bazaar Bangladesh for her release in 1996 while I was 11 years old. After her
release, she is busy in collection of international awards and conveniently
forgotten us, the Rohingya and other ethnic Muslims.
unwillingly, I have to let know the world that how she is criminally silent
without any worries for the lost lives amidst violence and absolutely failed to
condemn the Islamophobia or anti-Muslim violence. DASSK never spoke up for—the
victimized Rohingya who are denied citizenships in their own soil and long
oppressed since 1978. To escape the atrocities of the Burmese genocidal regime,
I fled Burma since 2004. Though my motherland is Burma, I’m deprived of my
fundamental rights in Burma and finally became a stateless people and the least
wanted people on this planet.
short account of the victimized Rohingya—207,172  Rohingya fled during king Dragon Operation in
1978, again over 2,68,000 Rohingya in 1992, numerous Rohingya elites  including politicians and religious scholars
were detained and not given back by the Burmese Buddhist authorities yet,
restricted in marriage, education and travelling, forced labor, confiscation
lands, more than 140000 Rohingya are internally displaced in the fresh
anti-Muslim violence amidst ongoing democracy transition in 2012 and confined
them in squalid camps, numerous buildings are burnt down, buried in mass graves
by authorities, threats to flee desperately, banned access to international aid
agencies and journalists and so on.