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Arbitrary arrest and squeezing money by police in Maungdaw


Maungdaw, Arakan State: Police accompanied by Hluntin (riot police) made arbitrary arrest and extorted money from Rohingya villagers in Maungdaw Township without finding any fault, a businessman named Liyakat Ali (not real name) said from Maungdaw.

“Moulana Abdullah,41; son of Rashid Ahmed, hailed from Nari Bill south of Maungdaw Township, was called by police and Hluntin when he was walking on the road nearby the out-post camp on October 5, at around 11:00pm. The Maulana was kept in a room and tortured by police and Hluntin without giving any allegation after entered to the outpost camp.”

When the victim asked why he was tortured severely, the Hluntin replied that— “You, Moulana (religious leaders) become eye-sores of us.” Md. Jalil (not real name), a close relative of the victim said.

However, he was released after taking a big cock. A big cock was cost Kyat 6,000 to 7,000, according to Jalil.

It is a deliberate action against the Rohing religious leader, said another religious leader Kholil (not real name) from the locality.

Besides, the same day, Rahamat Ullah,42); son of Abas Ali, and Noor Kamal ,32; son of Mogul Ahmed, both belong to Nari Bill east village of Maungdaw Township were also arrested by police and Hluntin of Sarffadin police outpost camp while they were fishing nearby in a river. The security force went there for night duty, at about 4:00pm. After arrest, they were brought to their camp where they were detained, said another fisherman from the locality who preferred not to be named.

They have licenses for fishing, getting from police and Hluntin, they have to pay monthly fee for fishing. They are very poor fisherman. But, they were released the following day, in the morning, after taking Kyat 30,000 per each, the fisherman added.

The police and Hluntin are also collecting Kyat 1,000 per head from poor villagers who are going to market or to other villages to sell their vegetables or other goods, said a local grocer.

The aim of the security force is to extort money from Rohingya community by any means, which pushes them to ultra-poverty line and at last they are compelled to flee from Arakan soil. At present, Rohingya villagers have no jobs, no works, and no money to support their family members while their movement is also restricted. They are being kept in a big jail without proper treatment, medicine and other facilities. They are living as sub-human condition, a leader Hakim (not real name) said from Maungdaw Town.