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Arakan Recent Reports Compilation: Atrocites and Killings Continue

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar
October 22, 2013

1- Two Rohingyas
in Rathedaung Believed to Have Been Killed
Rafique S/o Muzaffar (Age 35) and Abdussalam S/o Sayed Kabir
(Age 40) hails from the village of Sin Gyi Pyin, Rathedaung Twonship, went to the forest to get fire woods and logs during
mid-September, 2013. They have not returned home yet.
Therefore, their respective family members are still on look for
them.However, they have not been found out yet. Their families anxiously said
that they might have been killed by the Rakhine terrorists residing in the
2- SB 2 Police
Extort Money from Rohingya Under False Accusation
On 10th October
2013, SB 2 (Special Branch 2) Police Sergeant Tun Yein from the camp base at
Bawli Baazar (Kyein Chaung), northern Maung Daw, ordered the adminstrator of
the Myo-Mi-Chaung village, Salamat Ullah, to call up Sirazul Mustafa S/o Munir
Ahmed (from the village of Kan-Nah of Myo-Mi-Chaung village tract). When they
(the village administrator and Sirazul Mustafa) got to Kyein Chaung, the SB
Police took them to a cafe owned by Sabair S/o Dilla.
There, the police arbitrarily extorted Kyat 130,000 from Sirazul
Mustafa accusing him of being a human trafficking agent.
Besides, the SB police also said “I am not afraid of a colonel, a
major or a commander or anyone except for the President. I have the authority
to torture and extort money from Bengali people (the term Myanmar authority use
for Rohingya). You can also complain to Military Tactical Opertion Commander in
Taung-Byo sub-township. I don’t care of him a bit.”
3- Maung Daw Township Administrator Extort Money For Animal
Sacrifices on Eidul Adha
During the day of holy occassion of Muslim Festival, Eidul Adha,
in Myanmar on 16th October
2013, Maung Daw Township administrator, U Kyi Than, ordered the village
administratos to extort Kyat 2,000- Kyat 4,000 per animal sacrifice in Maung
Daw Township. Approximately, there were 7,000 animal sacrifices in Maung Daw.
Besides, in many places all over Maung Daw, military looted meat
(of the animal sacrificed) which was meant for the poor people. Especially,
Military looted meats in the village of Nurullah of Baggona village tract, southern
Maung Daw and in the village of Maung Ni of Myoma Kayindan (Shidda Fara)
village tract. In the village of Maung Ni, the loots were carried by the
military personnel from the battalion at the premise of Basic Education High
School (BEHS) Maung Daw, while in the village of Nurullah, the loots were by
the military officers from light infantry battalion (at Kaye-Myaing) under the
battalion 352.
Despite all that, no
Rohingya in Maung Daw and Buthidaung was allowed to perform any Eid Prayer.