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    The Dual Citizenship of Mogh and The statelessness of Rohingya

    September 23, 2013
    (Burma Times) It is crucial for Bangladesh to focus watchfully the infiltration of Rakhine( Mogh) who are perpetuating several crimes including smuggling  Yaba Tablets.
    The Rakhine ( Mogh) who only with 2700 peoples residing in Cox’s bazar, a sister community of Rohingya  of Arakan migrated from Arakan in British colonial period whom the Bangladesh, in the year 1990, granted constitutionally as citizen of Bangladesh. The Rakhine ( Mogh), today, are shown more than 200000 populations in Bangladesh un-checked infiltration of BD government in excuse of recognition since 1990 onwards. They are holding dual citizenship, easily enjoying privileges of both side — Arakan and Chittagong — no one, never focused on their movements and activities, freely moving and working here whole Bangladesh like their own ancestor place Arakan. According to reports, during East Pakistan period, after severe persecution perpetrated by the Burmese govt. as many as 40000 Rohingya have taken refuge in Patuakhali, Barisal, Rangnur, Dinaspur, Moghul Hat, Potiya, Cox’s bazaar and Kagrachari of Chittagong. The refugees have been never taken back. The Government of Bangladesh never have eyed over that, rather Rohingya Muslim were remained unrecognized by both countries and are termed stateless and uncounted as citizens by both Governments. How ill-lucked the Rohingya are – observers dubbed, “had they (Rohingya) been non-Muslim by faith, their problem of today would not have as sufferer as now. If they (Rohingya) were Buddhist Rakhine (Mogh) of, at least PMs of Bangladesh & Burma would, once, have been inquired how they are passing in camps as human being.
    The Rakhine ( Mogh) armed party Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) that stationed in hill tract of Bangladesh since 50 years have made cease fire agreement with reformist Burmese Govt. in 2011 and took part Rakhine state federal government administration that mostly are behind the total annihilation and extermination of Muslim from Arakan accusing them as of Bengalees. Bangladesh said they are Burmese citizens.
    Weakness invites aggression. Accordingly, The Rohingya becomes a target of it. Burma takes full advantages from the stance of Bangladesh’s on Rohingya; so, those Rohingya have to leave up-to last man from their homeland. In guise of security and communal strife, State authority Rakhine’s strategically assault and kicking out continuously are unabated, more than 2400 Mosques are locked up, and about 950 religious schools were locked till today and eventually forcing them to get in Bangladesh. As reports, as many as 40- 50 people’s crossing everyday into Bangladesh through different routes secretly. Since biggest ever genocide started in 2011, the exodus was too much higher ever, prayers in mosques banned, Mosques and religious schools were locked-up since 2 and half year. More than 300000 Rohingya were confined into the camp, arrests, tortures, no live-hood, no movement even village to villages, no schooling, no working by showing as security reasons. The only way they have for survival is to leave homeland necessarily or unavoidably. The Authorities in Arakan arranged wooden-boat and letting them out from the country or pushing into Bangladesh.
    According to the Burmese-Rakhine double standard territorial policy, Arakan is population with 1.9 millions— Buddhists 1.6millions Rakhine, 0.2 million Chakma, 0.1 lakh, Marma and other hilly peoples like Paddi and Jhumas. And the Rohingya are deadly excluded even in national census accusing as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh by the black Law 1982citizenship Law. They are using the land Bangladesh like their own Arakan region in guise of the same tribal peoples living in Bangladesh as their wish; the Bangladesh eyeing them as its own citizen in excuse of non-communal Bangladesh.
    Eventually, it is miserable that the Rohingya became stateless and the least wanted people—no asylum anywhere.

    Editor Ibrahim Shah