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State authorities hassle Rohingyas in Maungdaw

Myanmar policemen provide security at a village in Sittwe, capital of Rakhine state. (AP photo)

KPN News 
September 10, 2013

Maungdaw, Arakan
State: Unknown armed group in full
uniforms and with arms committed robbery against two Rohingya families from
Kuyur Kali village under Bawli Bazar ( Kyrin Chaung) police station, Maungdaw
north on September 8, at 1:30am midnight, 
according to a local leader who denied to be named for security reason.
The source told the
Kaladanpress that group of 14 armed men forcibly entered the houses after
breaking the doors of Shuna Meah(50), son of Abdul Gaffar and Lalu(55), son of
Ali Akbar from Kuyur Kali village.

After entering the
house, all the family members were confined in a room and were beaten up
severely and the armed group robbed all the money and gold ornaments from said
two houses. They robbed Kyat worth 30 million, said a close relative of the

“After completing
robbery, they fired into air automatically for threatening the villagers who
were approaching to the spot hearing the hue and cry of the victims and the
robbers disappeared from the scene. Their guns are automatic rifles and speak
in fluent Burmese,” according to a village leader who denied to be named.

After hearing the
sounds of firing, a group of police from nearby police camp, about 600
kilometer away from the village and asked the villagers about the robbery and
went to riverside accompanied by some villagers to search robbers but robbers
went to nearby forest. Every night, army patrols in the village, but yesterday
night, army did not patrolled in the village, Anwer (not real name), a
schoolteacher said from the locality.

“From where robbers
get army uniforms, and how did they dare to commit robbery?, if there is no
co-operation with local security force.” said 
Mahamud, a local businessman.

In similar way, on
September 4, in Seail Khali (Kyauk Chaung) village under area No.4 of Maungdaw
north, a villager named  Baser (52), son
of Amir Hamza was robbed by a group of armed people including some Sakma (Dinet
people) from Sombala village. They took away Kyat worth 20 million (cash and
gold ornaments) from the house owner.

“It is a new tactic
to give trouble to the Rohingya community to flee from their native soil,
Arakan state,” said a youth from Maungdaw town preferring not to be named.

Regarding the
matter, the victims went to a nearby police camp and appraised the event, and
the police officer said that investigate is going on and  will 
inform it anything happen about robbery.

People inside and
outside of Burma think that, after dissolving the Nasaka, there will be less
human rights violations against the Rohingya community, but, in reality,
harassment  is increasing day by day,
according to villagers inside Arakan (Rakhine) state.