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    Rohingya face “Sudden-Death” Due to Lack of Due Medication

    Photo: Reuters

    Article writer By Ibrahim Shah
    September 20, 2013 

    (Burma Times)
    Jeddah- Rohingya—the most persecuted victims on the earth surface, the most
    distressed people and the least wanted ethnic minority— are impoverished in
    their native land where they have been growing up generations to generations
    since immemorial decades.
    Since 1784, the
    master chains of strategies of Burmese chauvinists have been implemented
    perpetually and confidentially. The major deadly catastrophes that Rohingya
    encounters are 1784, 1942, 1977-78, 1990-91, 2012-13.
    All the
    infrastructures in Rakhine state were absolutely postponed by the central
    government since 1942 and it was stated by the higher authorities that the
    infrastructures would be postponed there until the final eradication of
    Rohingya from the Rakhine state soil.
    Perpetually, the
    eradication of Rohingya Muslims has been carried out by the Burmese chauvinists
    and some western Rakhine (Anoka mogh) who are settled in Rakhine state from
    Bangladesh due to economic crisis.
    The most terrible
    and destructive procedures that imposed for Rohingya pogrom— initially,
    Rohingya citizenship was removed officially in 1982 by the world most notorious
    mentor of Burmese militarists Junta Ne Win and made stateless.
    Later, banned
    higher education, confined in movement strictly, restricted in marriage, banned
    religious sermons including Sama, banned cultural programs and at last banned
    Rohingya overseas trip.
    To avoid the
    reiterative severe condemnations of international bodies, the Burmese
    successive quasi-civilian regime conspired with Rakhine gang led by Vet. Aye
    Maung and put Islamophobia mindset to every Buddhist so as to tie up knot of
    Rohingya pogrom before the second election of Burma countrywide.
    Then , in amid
    2012, triggered riots in Rohingya populous area western Burma and the
    state-sponsored extremist so called police forces, in particular, designated by
    Rakhine senior officials massacred many Rohingya and buried in mass graves.
    During some months,
    more than one hundred thousand well-settled Rohingya became beggars and are
    kept in concentration camps. Gradually, the violence diffused most of Rohingya
    quarters and countrywide.
    Eventually, the
    pogrom against Rohingya and other Muslims is taken place widely by another
    state-sponsored anti-Muslim movement or campaign 969 for Buddhist Nationalism.
    “For more
    business-ties-boost, the Burmese Hitlerite President Thein Sein has been
    carrying out the Rohingya ethnocide in concealed-method perpetually—specialized
    medical doctors, experienced nurses and emergency medications are postponed
    from central region.”
    The diseases which
    cause death of Rohingya all of a sudden— Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, acute
    myelogenous leukemia, gastric cancer, intestinal diseases, TB, liver cancer,
    lung cancer, infectious diseases and so on.
    The western Burma,
    the most Rohingya populous area is banned access of international media,
    tourists, observers, donors and Islamic delegations by the Burmese Buddhist
    majority government, merely, it is to conceal exposure of deadly catastrophes
    and/or crimes against humanity that Rohingya face today in their native soil
    repressively as well as to escape Prosecution of Rohingya ethnocide by
    International Criminal Court against them.
    Significantly, it
    is important to concentrate immediately to save the unexpectedly death of fresh
    Rohingya children and it is regrettable to hear in reiteration the dire
    situation of the internal Rohingya in western Burma that they lose their most
    beloved children all of a sudden due to lack of due medication.
    The root cause of
    such terrible sudden dead is dead malnutrition since Rohingya people cannot
    move for daily adequate food because of official confinement in their own land,
    western Burma.
    Article writer is
    Ibrahim Shah@Koraunghfee Chief Editor of Burma Times.