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Rakhine extremists assaulted Kaman Muslims in Thandwe

September 30, 2013

BurmaTimes – Ibrahim Shah- Around twelve o’clock at midday
on 29th September, a motorcycle owned by one Buddhist youth Maung Naing Oo was
placed in front of a shop owned by the Chairman of Kaman Muslim party in
Thandwe. The Buddhist youths started to argue harshly when the shopkeeper requested them
to remove and place the vehicle some ahead from the shop since the vehicle
closed the entrance of the shop.
On the double, the Buddhist youth diffused
the entire town that the Kaman Muslim Party Chairman insulted Buddhism. The
main reason of diffusion of such aggressive news is because the extremists of
RNDP and the 969 Campaign have been seeking chances to attack the Kaman Muslims
since long time.
While about 200 extremists are attempting to assault
surrounded the house of U Kyaw Zan Hla, the police came and the mob was
segregated and arrested him. Amid the investigation in custody, more than 80
extremists surrounded the custody and demanded the police to hand over UKyaw
Zan Hla to them.U Kyaw Zan Hla was bailed after thorough investigation in
When the extremist came to know about the release of U
Kyaw Zan Hla, 20 disguised Karate-Experts are sent to enclose the police camp.
Then, the police and the disguised Karate-Experts discussed mutually.
Later, the extremists mobbed in Ngha Kyaw Daung quarter
and a house owned by Kaman
Muslim was burnt down to ashes.
It is miserable that no security forces made any
obstruction against the assault. Then, the mob wishfully vandalized some Kaman
houses throwing stones. At night, one Muslim oil shop was set on fire and
vandalized more Kaman Muslim houses in Bodegung quarter as well.
The armed forces are deployed in Thandwe and Muslims are
only prevented from coming out of houses at streets. The security forces did
not prevent nor arrest the 969 Campaign leader Tun Than Kyaw who is moving by
car to and fro in the town.
More extremists gather in monasteries who are coming up
from rural sides and getting preparation to further assault Muslims.
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