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    More Rohingya migrants flee Songkla center

    A Rohingya asylum seeker stands inside a cell on Feb. 14 at the immigration detention center in Phang Nga, southern Thailand. Photo: AFP

    September 11, 2013

    SONGKLA, 11 September 2013 (NNT) – Another group of 28 Muslim Rohingya asylum seekers in Songkla province escaped from an immigration detention center last night. 
    The group consisting mainly of women and children was picked up by unidentified men in a pickup truck and a car. According to police, the escape was well planned ahead of the time of their escape. 
    Only 26 Rohingya migrants remain at the center, from the initial number of 102. Many have attempted and succeeded at fleeing the shelter in a bid to travel to a third country or to reunite with their families, 9 months after being transferred to Songkla. 
    More than 1,800 Rohingya who fled Myanmar by sea this past year are being detained across Thailand, often in overcrowded centers and shelters.