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    More Expectations from Upcoming Rohingya Congress in Thailand

    By Ibrahim Shah
    Burma Times 
    September 13, 2013

    Bangkok. Initially, all the praises be to my Lord infinitely. And, I would like to express tremendous thanks to our late Rohingya faithful leaders and those who have been attempting with their relentless efforts to make a sustainable platform for Rohingya stability in their native soil including reputable non-Rohingya white-minded persons.

    ARU Meeting OIC 2011
    Since many years, several Rohingya patriotic institutions have been working hard their best to restore the deprived rights of Rohingya. Later, most of the Rohingya institutions unified fundamentally to work in a grand platform so that the long plight of Rohingya could be resolved in a short period diplomatically.
    In 2011, all the Rohingya institutions unified at OIC head quarter in Jeddah as Arakan Rohingya Union(ARU) . Its prime sponsors were the OIC and H.E. Harn, the executive director of EBO. Every Rohingya thought and pondered with both tragedy and great joy that the chronic plight of Rohingya would be resolved by the corporately formed Congress ARU.
    Dear valued perusers, here I have to express with great sorrow about the numerous catastrophes that Rohingya encountered in the Burmese pseudo-reformist Thein Sein ruling term after the unification of Rohingya institutions—amid 2012 mass violence triggered in Rohingya populous areas, tens of thousands are displaced, demography of Arakan (renamed as  Rakhine state in 1974 in dictatorship of Ne Win) is changed settling Anokka Mogh from Bangladesh, slaughter, mass graves, gangbang, arbitrarily arrest, extortion money, torturing unto death at detained centers, kidnapping women for sex slaves by armies and so on.
    Deplorably, it is to be expressed that where are the Rohingya patriotic institutions and leaders while innocent Rohingya minor children and elder women are raped and mistreated?
    It is evidently mentioned at ARU general constitution that ARU will carry out its functions in coordination and corporation; however, it is obviously seen that the ARU carried out its functions in monarchy and nepotism. The Global Rohingya Centre is officially formed of only engagement of its adopted fiddles and excluded those who are the most significant wings of ARU. And its chief is such a blunt person who has even not learnt his mother tongue fluently.
    It is regrettable to come across the influential of some people over the racial- blooded groups impudently— some of the ARU Congressmen threatened to one popular Rohingya television, namely, Rvision to stop perpetuation of broadcasting news.
    We are hopeful that the ARU will never be “Jeorpady” for Rohingya and would act dynamically avoiding corruptions acquiring deserved lessons from previous inexcusable mistakes.
    According to this rules of law motto: “no one is above to the law”, we the entire Rohingya expect that the upcoming Rohingya Congress that is going to be held in Thailand under the sponsorship of H.E. Harn, the executive director of EBO would concentrate to form the Rohingya Congress where it is systems of holding accountabilities strictly over the functions of the Congress to lead the Rohingya with justice opposing corruptions. The most ever successful and liberal leadership is consultative leadership (the leadership that is initiated by the world most reputable and Noble person Prophet Muhammed peace be on him), thus, I expect that the Congress would focus fundamentally to form the Congress with deserved personalities opposing Nepotism.
    We expect that the upcoming Rohingya Congress would certainly form with the deserved personalities who have adequate knowledge in their respective fields. Rohingya commune has experienced politicians, renowned historians including non-Rohingya i.e.  Saya Gyi Ko Htay Lwin Oo( racially Rakhine), Dr. Shwe Lu Manug, Dr. Habib Siddique, Dr. Abid Bahar and  AFK Jilani, distinguished critics, reputable writers i.e. MD nor( MD of Rvision Tv), smart activists and dissidents i.e. Dr. Maung Zarni,  skilled lawyers, rich businessmen, popular and experienced some Rohingya news agencies. (here is mentioned only hardly few  persons)
    Watchfully, in the past eras, we observed that most of the Rohingya institutions were formed in order of precedence of nepotism.
    Through my personal observation to ARU, I came across that ARU had not been carried out its mandatory functions by organizational conscience.
    Apparently, the most terrible “Jeopardy” or the most risky poisonous snake that made a huge loss for Rohingya stability or survival is certainly Nepotism and/or presidency.
    Some moral quotations of the 16th USA president Abraham Lincoln: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” “My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.”
    Accordingly, it is more inevitable for a leader or a chief of any institution to lead the people or the institution with sincerity and consultation. The prime hard task of a leader is to create more superior great leaders than him so that his/her journey could not be postponed or hit by any obstacles due to lack of deserved leadership.
    In conclusion, it is emphasized to the upcoming Rohingya Congress in Thailand for concentration on “how to bring a sustainable resolution for the current repressive persecution of Rohingya commune in their own soil, western Burma, Rakhine state. Moreover, we are hopeful that H.E Harn would form the Congress in order of precedence— those deserved persons who are experienced widely and work dynamically renouncing their luxury and lust life.
    Article writer is Ibrahim Shah@Ko Raunghfee.