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Grand Unified Rohingya Press Conference Held in Thailand

Photo: Burma Times
September 18, 2013 
(Burma Times) All the praises be to lord to grant such a great opportunity to distressed Rohingya in order that the most trusted Rohingya press conference with great expectations could be concluded prosperously at Asia hotel in Thailand.
The grand unified Rohingya press conference was held in September 14 and 15 prosperously and peacefully.
The reputable attendees—NGOs, international observers, worldwide Rohingya white-minded patriotic leaders and activists including from Burma, experienced Rohingya and non-Rohingya historians and other distinguished personalities of respective fields— were approximately 100.
The main topics that were discussed with deep consideration and unified conscience—to work for the entire Rohingya commune worldwide by unified dynamic roles opposing Nepotism for a sustainable resolution inside Burma, to promote the situation of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries and  to seek diplomatic negotiations  with the Burmese government.
Moreover, different Rohingya departments are formed in unified conscience to work in various smart methods relentlessly to restore the deprived Rohingya fundamental rights and to create a grand platform for the upcoming Rohingya new generations to preserve the activities.
After the conclusion of the press conference, the Rohingya in Thailand and the Thai- Islamic organizations held a warm reception to the distinguished Rohingya leaders and activists.