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    Detained Rohingya migrants escape

    Bangkok Post
    September 18, 2013

    Fifteen Rohingya illegal migrants escaped from a police cell in Nong Khai’s Sang Khom district early Wednesday, police said.

    Pol Col Sombat Nathaemploy, the Sang Khom police chief, said the 15 were in a group of 19 Rohingya migrants who were arrested for illegaly entry by the Nong Khai immigration police.  They had been detained at Sang Khon police station since Sept 7.

    Fifteen of them were found to have broken out of the police cell on Wednesday morning.

    According to police, the Rohingya migrants tied a blanket around two iron window bars, pulled them out of the sockets,  and slipped through the hole some time after midnight.

    When they realised the 15 detainees were missing, police went  to look for them.  

    At Ban Sakkali, about 5km from the police station, villagers told police they saw a group of men run across a road through the village about 4am and disappear into nearby rubber plantation adjacent to Phran Kaeng Kai Forest Reserve, which  extends over over more than 300,000 rai.

    The hunt for the escapees was continuing, police said