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Burmese government deploys army in Burma-Bangladesh Border

KPN News
September 23, 2013 

Maungdaw, Arakan
:  Burma has deployed three army
battalions in Burma- Bangladesh border, according to a local politician from
Maungdaw Township.

officials said that the measures had been taken to beef up security because of
political instability in Arakan State.

Besides, two police
battalions would also be sent later to seal the Burma-Bangladesh border,
according to a security officials from Maungdaw.

It is done by the
government, according to the advice of Arakan conflict commission report, said
a local elder from Maungdaw.

Director General
Major General Aziz Ahmed told that Burma has not done this with any hostile
intentions — rather internal security considerations explained the move.

“Burmese police and
army are taking guard its border with Bangladesh in the trouble hit Arakan
State after authorities disbanded its border force Nasaka (former Burma’s
border security force).” 

A local villager
from Maungdaw said, “At present, we see many police and army across the
Maungdaw Township, and we fear that harassment will be increased.”

Ethnic violence
between Buddhists and Muslims is frequent in this State by the supporting of
government forces