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Bangladesh propose to list the “undocumented Rohingyas”

Photo: An
unregistered Rohingya children playing at Kutupalong Refugee Camp, Bangladesh.
: The cabinet member of Bangladesh endorsed a national strategy for
dealing with the issues of refugees and citizens from Burma living illegally in
Bangladesh, proposing listing of the “undocumented Rohingyas”, the cabinet
secretary Mohammad Musharraf Hossain told a press briefing after the meeting on
September 9.
There are around
25,000 Rohingya refugees living in two camps Nayapara and Kutupalong located in
Cox’s Bazar district. But the number of undocumented Burmese (Myanamar)
citizens living illegally would be 300,000 to 500,000, causing socio-economic
and environmental problems here. They are also a threat to our national
security, the cabinet secretary Mohammad Musharraf Hossain expressed in the
news briefing.
The foreign
ministry placed the document at the weekly cabinet meeting with the Prime
Minister, Sheikh Hasina, in the chair at the secretariat to address the
Rohingya refugee issue in a coordinated manner as an increasing number of
undocumented citizens from the neighboring country was posing a threat to
‘national security.’
The cabinet
secretary Hossain also said that a survey would be conducted under the strategy
to prepare a list of Burmese citizens who had crossed into Bangladesh and have
been staying illegally here.
A refugee leader
from the refugee camp said, “We have been living in Bangladesh since over
22-year in bad condition. We are very afraid if Bangladesh Government lists the
Rohingyas because we will face many problems in future. So, we want durable
solution through international community. We don’t want to stay in Bangladesh
because of Bangladesh is very poor and over populated.”
The leader also
said that if the government makes restriction for Rohingyas in Bangladesh, many
Rohingyas will be harassed and sent to jail.
A national
coordination committee would be formed with the foreign minister as its chief.
In addition, taskforces would be formed at the district and township levels, to
be led by the deputy commissioners and the Upazila (Township) Nirbahi officers
(UNO) concerned,’ the cabinet secretary more added.
The cabinet also
decided to strengthen vigilance along the border with Burma and expedite the
government efforts through diplomatic channel to stop influx of Rohingya
Muslims fleeing for persecution in their homeland.
The government,
however, would continue its support to the Rohigya refugees living in the camps
on humanitarian ground, Musharraf said.
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