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    ERC made Initial Constitutional Workshop and held Press Conference

    ERC Teams in Germany
    The European Rohingya Council (ERC) made ERC constitutional workshop for the first time on 24th since the organization formed and ERC conference was held on 25th.
    ERC constitutional workshop—the constitution is drafted particularly based on democracy and opposed all kinds of imperialism and nepotism. Moreover, it is distinctly prescribed that every institution regardless of faith and race as well as every Rohingya organizations can be participated without any obstacles and it is strongly declared that those parties which would be participated in ERC would be considered for their suitable rank and would be given priority according to their achievements.
    More than 100 great personalities of several nationalities attended in the ERC conference.
    The great speeches of distinguished speakers of ERC:

    ERC Conference in Germany

    The prime speaker and great personality Mr. Delius has expressed sorrowfully the grave concerns about the long systematic persecution against Rohingya in their native land Burma. As well as, he spoke up about all the catastrophes today Rohingya encounter by the government. Moreover, in fact, Mr. Delius has been rising up his valued voices for a sustainable resolution of Rohingya in numerous international conferences, particularly, UN.
    Reputable gentlemen—ERC Chairman Mr. Khairul Amin and ERC Vice-Chairman U Hla Tin— explained about the ceaseless hard works of ERC to stop the long persecution against the Rohingya in Burma and unprecedented violence based on religion throughout the country  as well as highlighted how the vulnerable Rohingya face fresh tactic confinements in western Burma.
    Distinguished gentleman Mr Gorge Khan ex-Chairman Burma Buro office Germany has expressed grave concerns about the discrimination against Rohingya and discussed about the further survival of Rohingya. And he highlighted the diffusion of violence almost throughout the Muslim quarters all over the Burma.

    ERC General Secretary Mr.Zakaria

    As well as, Renowned German TV Journalist Shamsul Hoque has expressed grave concerns about the world most persecuted victims Rohingya and said himself he does not care of any threats and censured that today the helpless Rohingya remained under fresh attacks by the government is merely for the world super powers like USA, UK and etc boost business ties with genocidal Burmese regime and out of interest to save the victims.
    After the conference, ERC team discussed many issues of Rohingya crisis with Mr. Delius Society for threatened Peoples.
    ERC General Secretary Mr. Zakaria has disclosed that how ERC team has been giving continual pressures to European Government to play key roles effectively in Rohingya plight Burma.

    ERC Teams with Mrs. Habermann in Germany

    Eventually, the team met with the great personality German MP Heike Habermann.
    At last, it is learnt that ERC opened path for all societies of Rohingya and Non-Rohingya to take part.