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    Rohingyas’ Legal Rights to live as Dignified Human-Bein​gs in Burma

    “Rohingyas’ Legal
    Rights to live as dignified Human-Beings in Burma”

    July 14, 2013
    Although the call
    of Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations to the Burmese
    Government President Thein Sein is not too late to grant the citizenship to the
    ethnic Rohingya minority people of Burma, it is the moral responsibility of
    President Thein Sein not to delay the restoration of the citizenship rights of
    the Rohingya people to establish its democratic standing and show of respect to
    the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) so as Burma becomes a
    dignified, democratic and credible nation in the world.
    Not only Mr. Ban
    Ki-moon but also the Governments of Indonesia, United Kingdom, United States of
    America, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, Iran,
    Ambassadors form Islamic nations, ASEAN, OIC Secretary General, European Union,
    international Nobel Peace Prize winners, International NGOs and Humanitarian
    Organizations, Geneva based UN Human Rights Council, international civil
    societies and religious community leaders including world-wide Human Rights
    organizations urged and demanded the Burmese Government President Thein Sein to
    grant the citizenship rights to the Rohingyas to maintain the complete openness
    of democratic reform and free economy.
    In fact, the
    government of Burma President Thein Sein is playing foul play to the
    international community still branding the Rohingya people as Bengali or
    foreigners who entered to Burma from Bangladesh during the British colonial
    period. Presenting unjustifiable show cause that Rohingya status must be
    verified and decide in the Burmese Parliament whether they should be granted
    citizenship or not which he says a risk factor for the security, sovereignty,
    and the national integrity of Burma.
    The simple analysis
    is that the current Burmese Government is intentionally not providing the
    citizenship rights to the Muslim Rohingyas to continue their divide and rule
    policy against the people of Arakan State creating communal violence destroying
    the centuries old peaceful co-existence between the Muslim Rohingyas and
    Buddhist Rakhine in the name of superiority complex of Buddhist nationalism so
    that Arakanese people can never unite to establish peace, prosperity and
    freedom of restoration of the lost independence of Arakan kingdom which was
    forcibly occupied by the Buddhist Burmese King Bodaw in 1784.
    The Rohingya people
    of the north-western region of Burma are an indigenous people of Arakan and
    sons of the soil known as Bumi-putra of Arakan home-land. They are living there
    from generation to generation since 8th century until today. History of the
    Rohingya people as an ethnic minority people in Burma is available in the net,
    media websites, and all ancient history books of Arakan.
    The Rohingyas have
    their own history, culture, tradition and language different from other ethnic
    minority races who were living as a compact community in a geographical
    territory within the Union of Burma. They are the heroic and brave people who
    have been enduring all sorts of inhuman atrocities, racial and religious
    persecution at the hands of successive Burmese Government and its brutal
    security forces since last 60 years and now at hands of their own fellow
    countrymen Buddhist Rakhines.
    Being an indigenous
    racial group with distinct quality of a civilized people ,who are law abiding
    and seekers of peaceful life with fellow Rakhine community on the spirit of
    peaceful co-existence, who are bonafied citizens of Burma based on the
    Declaration of Burma independence and 1948 Citizenship laws, their active
    participation in all democratic election since 1937 to 2011 without rejection
    by the Election Commission of Burma, the repeated assurance and issuance of
    statements by the previous Burmese Government leaders such as Bogyoke Aung San,
    Prime Minister U Nu, U Ba Swe, President U Sao Shwe Thike, Lt. General Aung Gyi
    and other leaders confirming that Rohingyas are one of the races same as Shan,
    Kachin, Mon and Rakhine during the parliamentary democratic rule in Burma are
    the strong solid evidences that clearly manifests the legal rights of the
    Rohingya people as dignified human group in Arakan under the protection of rule
    of law and governance of the union of Burma. They have every rights same as
    other ethnic minorities and national races in the union of Burma.
    The 1982
    citizenship law which took away the citizenship rights of Rohingya people
    making them as stateless people in their own ancestral homeland is a conspiracy
    of previous military Government to create communal riots in Arakan on the basis
    of divide and rule policy of former military junta. This discriminatory citizenship
    law which violates the standard international laws and Universal Declaration of
    Human Rights (UDHR) must be repealed immediately when the country is opening as
    free economy and passing through a transition to a democratic society.
    The President Thein
    Sein who recently advocated to send the Rohingya people to third country under
    UNHCR supervision classifying the Rohingyas as foreigners was compelled to
    change his unrealistic and fabricated accusation and now pledged to the world
    to restore Rohingyas citizenship and accommodating the Rohingyas through
    national reconciliation process in their own places lost during the man-made
    tragedy and ethnic cleansing against the Rohingyas by the extremist Rakhine
    ruling Government of Arakan is a welcome sign to the right direction, but,
    continuation of violence, burning, arrest and harassment of the Rohingyas in
    the name immigration check forcing to accept as Bengali race is totally
    unacceptable which needs to stop without further delay.
    Arakan is belonged
    to the Rohingya people same as other minority races like Rakhines, Mro, Thet,
    Kamwee and tribal people and all of them are citizens of the Union of Burma
    with same national rights rendered by the Burma current Constitution and they
    have every right to live safe, secure and free from fear with honor and dignity
    in Burma beyond the reasonable doubt. It is the responsibility of the Union of
    Burma Government to establish rule of law restoring all Rohingyas rights and
    provide the required protection to the Rohingya ethnic minority people
    disregarding race, religion and language.
    Our great President
    Mr. Barack Obama during his 6 hours visit to the Union of Burma on November 19,
    2012 clearly mentioned during his speech to the people and government of Burma
    that Rohingya people have dignity, dignity inside themselves same as the
    President Obama and Burmese people and no one such as Rohingya should be
    subjected to torture, inhuman treatment and violence due to race, religion and
    color in Burma.
    The historic speech
    of our great President of USA, Mr. Barack Obama in University of Yangon should
    be regarded as an eye-opener, failure to heed this valuable advice by the
    Burmese Government will be self-destructive to people and country of the Union
    of Burma. Instead of exclusion of the Rohingyas from Burma main-stream society,
    the inclusion and embracing the Rohingyas as sons of the soil (Bumi-putra) will
    enhance the current on-going democratic process and establishment of
    free-economy with foreign investment leading the Union of Burma a most
    prosperous, peaceful and progressive country in the world within 15 years.
    Shaukhat (aka) MSK
    Burmese Rohingya
    American Friendship Association (BRAFA)
    Wisconsin State