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Police starts harassment and extortion after Nasaka dissolved in Maungdaw

KPN News:
July 13, 2013

Maungdaw, Arakan
State: Police personnel from Maungdaw district police department starts
harassment and extortion after Burma border security force (Nasaka) was
dissolved in Maungdaw today, according to an elder from Maungdaw.

“The police
personnel with police uniform stationed in Shwezarr Bridge started harassment
and extortion of money from Rohingya community who crossed the bridge starting
today morning. This bridge security post was control by Nasaka till it was
dissolved by order of President Thein Sein on June 11 at about 8:00pm through
the TV and Radio News.”

“Police personnel
extorted 500-1000 kyats per person who crossed the bridge and harassing the
person who deny to pay the money to them. The police extorted money even the
students –going to school.”
The Nasaka was dissolved
unexpectedly yesterday night with giving any reason and this morning the police
start harassing and extorting money from Rohingya community in Maungdaw, said a
school teacher.
“The Rohingya
community from northern Arakan is fearfully watching the step of government
towards the Rohingya. The first step is now showing the Rohingya by police now.
The next step will help Rohingya community or not, we don’t know.”
The Nasaka will
change another name and enforced in the areas to harass and drive out Rohingya
community from their homeland.  It is not
good sign for Rohingya community, said a politician from Maungdaw.
The Nasaka was
established by former Gen. Khin Nyunt to harass and drive out Rohingya
community from their home land, using the methods – restriction of movement,
marriage, education, civil service and persecution of religious- and resettling
Buddhist community from Burma and Bangladesh. The plans and aims were
successfully carried out by Nasaka to destroy Rohingya community in their
society and daily life. The Nasaka decreased the population of Rohingya from
northern Arakan by harassing, arresting, torturing, extorting and implementing
difference laws and order to Rohingya community.

“We are
surprised  by hearing the dissolution of
Nasaka  without any reason and may be any
plan to do by dissolution  this group.”