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No place to sleep at night for Rohingya in Maungdaw

KPN News:
July 8, 2013
Maungdaw, Arakan
State: Rohingya community from Maungdaw north are not able to sleep in their
home at night for fear of arrest and most of the villages become war field
after authority forced them to participant in the digital fingerprint and
photograph, said a village administration officer from Maungdaw south.
“The authority –mostly
Nasaka personnel- tried to arrest who were not voluntary participated in the
digital fingerprint and photograph program. The Rohingya community escaped from
their villages while the Nasaka entered the villages to collect the family
lists with digital fingerprint and photograph program as the concerned
authority forced to sign as Bengali race and recently illegal enter from
Bangladesh which treated them as foreigners.”
The Nasaka personnel
are hunting the Rohingya at night , entered the village and arrested who ever
met  or looting Rohingya home while
nobody were found in the home, said a student from Maungdaw.
“The Nasaka personnel
arrested the females from the village while they were not able to arrest male
villagers. Five female were arrested from Oo Shaikya village on July 5, where
Nasaka tried to rape the female. The Rohingya female had no security in their
The Nasaka personnel
arrested ten Rohingyas from Kyikanpyin village who returned from Maungdaw at
Nasaka headquarters for not joining the digital fingerprint and photograph
program in their village. They all were released after giving money -10,000
kyat per person- to Nasaka personnel, said a victim who didn’t want to be
Similarly, Mohamed
Noor, 25, son of Abdul Sukur was arrested by Nasaka personnel while he returned
to his home (Oo Shaikya) from fishing pound on July 5, said an elder from the
On the other hand, Six
Nasaka personnel with three motorbikes went to Shwezar village at night where
they rounded a  Rohingya’s  house and arrested the family head  to extorted money from him. It is usually
worked for Nasaka to extort money from Rohingya community.  It seen, in Maungdaw , there is no law for
people – Rohingya community- but Nakasa made the law to extort money, said a
school teacher from the village.
Besides, the authority
are imposing  the Rohingya not to work on
their paddy field which will make Rohingya foods less in the future, said  an elder said. “It is master plan of authority
to drive out the Rohingya community from their home land. No foods, no
education, no movement, no civil service and not able to stay in the home  at night which will force the Rohingya to
leave the place.”