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    More Rohingya arrested along the border

    KPN News:
    July 12, 203
    Teknaf, Bangladesh: More than 137 Rohingya, Burmese
    citizen had arrested along the border by Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) since
    July 1, 2013, according to BGB official. “The Rohingyas were arrested from
    different parts and points of border after being conducted operation by the
    border forces.”

    BGB arrested fifty-nine Rohingya from different
    areas of border in raided July 10 morning, said Dil Mohamed, a local from
    “They were pushed back to Burma through the points
    where they entered to Bangladesh illegal.”
    Lt. Col. Kalid Hassan commanding officer confirmed
    and said “BGB pushed back them to their homeland, Burma after providing food
    and medicine.”
    However, the concerned authorities of Bangladesh
    arrested more than 427 Rohingya people along the Bangladesh-Burma border and
    sent them back to Burma in June 2013.
    According to sources, Rohingya frequently try to
    enter the Bangladesh from Burma for shelter in a Muslim neighboring country
    because of persecutions and harassment by the Burmese security forces. The
    Rohingya have no rights to protect their life and their family, property in
    Burma. So they try to flee to Bangladesh to save their life.