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Hluntin extorts Kyat 50,000 from villager in Maungdaw

KPN News
July 26, 2013

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Hluntin (riot police) extorted Kyat 50,000
from a Rohingya villager on July 23, over the allegation from that he had
married without permission from the concerned authority, according to a police
aide who denied to be named.

“The victim is identified as Nurul Amin (33), son of
Abu Mosa, hailed from Ngakura, Maungdaw north.”

The victim was arrested by Hluntin in the morning from
his house and brought to the camp and detained there. However, in the evening,
he was released after taking Kyat 50,000 from him.

After dissolving the Burma border security force
(Nasaka) recently, most of the people believe that there will be less
harassment against the Rohingya community. But policemen and Para police
(Hluntin) are arbitrary arresting and harassing the Rohingya people as Nasaka
did before, said a local villager on condition of anonymity.

Former Nasaka be made of— army, police, immigration,
custom, Hluntin and Sarapa (Military Intelligence). After dissolving the
Nasaka, Immigration, custom and Sarapa are not seen in the camp, but police,
Hluntin and army are present in the camp, 
and also some of  new recruits of
Hluntins are present in the camp, said a Nasaka aide from north of Maungdaw.

“Some people believe that harassment will be decreased
after the central government dissolved the Burma border security force
(Nasaka), but the harassment will be increased in future because “old bottle
new wine. There will be no change,” a village admin officer said on condition
of anonymity.

“It is the policy of military backed quasi-civilian
government to show the world community to pursue the international companies to
invest in Burma and to get aid from western world.  However, President Thein Sein is promising that
human rights violation will be no more in the country in future, said a
businessman from Maungdaw town.

Besides, the Burmese government is trying to make up
another border security force accompanied by BCP (Burmese Communist Party) and
ALP (Arakan Liberation Party) ex-members, regarding this, recently, U Kyaw
Maung, leader of BCP was sent to Kyauk Taw Town where ALP office is present,
according to reliable source.