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Two laws for two communities in Maungdaw

KPN News
June 27, 2013
Two separate motorcycle accidents that happened in
Maungdaw clearly illustrate how state authorities apply

the law differently
based on one’s religion or ethnicity.

When 3 Natala villagers (resettled Rakhines or
Burmans) were seriously hurt in an accident that happened on June 22 while
travelling from Udaung to Aley Than Kyaw, Nasaka (Burma’s border guard force)
immediately brought them to the government hospital.

But when 2 Rohingyas were also in an accident on the
same highway the next day Nasaka arrested both men and made them bribes before
being released.

The Natala were treated fairly, but the Rohingyas were
arrested and ended up having to buy their way out of jail. The recent accidents
show how Nasaka exploit Rohingyas’ stateless position in order to extort money.

“They are both human being but the law was not applied
evenly,” said one Rohingya elder from Maungdaw.