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Time Magazine Exposes Buddhist Terrorists in Myanmar

Tim King & Mohamed Ibrahim

Mainstream magazine takes Burma’s president by surprise, exposing the actions of an anti Muslim monk named Wirathu who operates with near impunity.

(SACRAMENTO / FRANKFURT) – Time Magazine has outed the murderous Buddhist monk called Wirathu in this month’s edition, he’s the Nazi-like leader of the government sanctioned ’969′ movement in Burma and the ringleader in the ethnic cleansing of Muslim people there.

Of course Americans will see a different edition of the magazine.

This is the country after all, that is allowing the mass murder of Muslims to take place by turning a blind eye, so the yanks get a different version of the magazine than the rest of the world, as you can see below.

I have to wonder how many Americans realize that Time Magazine publishes several different regional versions of its publication each month. The Americans get the version that doesn’t piss off corporate interests, the rest are more honest. Americans receive a “dumbed down” version. It is more in keeping with the ambitions of a country that murdered 1.5 million Iraqi people over bad intelligence. Of course many of America’s victims in Iraq were also Christian.

We have written a great deal about the nature of mob oriented Buddhists in Sri Lanka and Burma in recent years.

The only two Genocides of the new century have been committed by Buddhists, while most Americans live under the false illusion that Buddhists have only peaceful tendencies, it could not be any farther from the truth.

Most Buddhists are fine, just as most Christians, Muslims and Jews are moral people, but Sinhalese Buddhists in Sri Lanka mass murdered 160,000 Hindus and Christians in 2009, and over the last year, Rakhine Buddhists in Burma, now called Myanmar, have been targeting and ruthlessly killing Muslims. Rohingya Muslims are the most endangered.

The Buddhists terrorists target people for being of the “wrong” religion, and don’t think Buddhism isn’t a religion, that is far from true. The excuse often given, that Buddhism is simply a faith, loses meaning when they slaughter people with machetes for being of the wrong culture. In fact it flies in the face of peaceful Buddhism the same way the Taliban fail to truly represent Islam, or the warring militant state of Israel fails to represent the Jews.

Myanmar’s President has lashed out against Time magazine’s cover story on “Buddhist terror” for undermining government efforts to ease sectarian tensions in the country.

In a statement issued Sunday night, President Thein Sein said the Time lead article, The Face of Buddhist Terror, featuring Myanmar’s extremist monk Wirathu, could be “detrimental to the trust building between religions in Myanmar, and damage the image of Buddhism which has been the main religion of Myanmar for thousands of years.” The President defended Wirathu as a member of the Sangha, the equivalent of the Buddhist clergy.

969“Buddhist monks, also known as Sanghas, are noble people who keep the 277 precepts or moral rules, and strive peacefully for the prosperity of Buddhism,” his statement said.

But the notorious Wirathu stands accused of stoking anti-Muslim sentiments with his 969 movement, launched in February, that calls on Buddhists to boycott Muslim shops and businesses.

More recently he launched a campaign to pass legislation on marriages between Buddhist women and Muslim men that would require the women to receive prior permission from their parents and authorities and the men to convert to Buddhism. This is a stark violation of international law.

The draft law was criticized by on again off again democracy champion Aung San Suu Kyi as being discriminatory and a violation of human rights.

One thing is certain, Wirathu, based in Mandalay, is no stranger to controversy. He received a 25 year sentence in 2003 for inciting anti-Muslim hatred, but was released last year under a general amnesty, far before his release date.

Rising sectarian violence has been among the greatest challenges to Thein Sein, who came to power in March 2011, and has since pushed through political and economic reforms.

In June 2012, Buddhist communities in the Rakhine State attacked Rohingya Muslims, leaving 167 people dead and 125,000 people homeless. That was the beginning of months of mayhem and nightmares, with Rohingya Muslims killed and abused, even tortured to death,

There have been at least three anti-Muslim riots this year in central and northern Myanmar, leaving thousands homeless.

Thein Sein, Myanmar’s first elected President in decades, insisted that his Government does not discriminate against Muslims.

“Although the majority of Myanmar people are Buddhists, the Government has recognized in Section 362 of the constitution that Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Animism as are the existing religions in the country,” he said in his statement.

He called for mutual trust building among the religions to avoid undesirable conflicts in the country’s fledgling democracy.

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