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S. M. Zafar urges govt to take the case of Rohingya Muslims to ICJ

Crimes against humanity are being committed in Myanmar
June 15, 2013
Islamabad—Eminent jurist and former Federal Law Minister Mr. S. M. Zafar has described incidents of massacre in Myanmar as crimes against humanity
Addressing a round table conference on ‘Massacre of Muslims in Myanmar’, organised by Nazriya Pakistan Council at Aiwan-i-Quaid here Friday, he said, the Rohinga Muslims of Myanmar are being subjected to worst brutalities by the extremist Buddhists while the Myanmar Government has failed to protect thelife and property of the Muslims. S. M. Zafar said violent incidents taking place in Myanmar are clear violations of UN charter. It’s a case of ethnic cleansing and genocide which are condemnable in the strongest possible terms. He said, the United Nations or any credible international agency should deputed to conduct investigation of the situation in Myanmar so that facts are before theinternational community. He urged the United Nations and other international organisations including OIC to play their due role for an end to the brutal killings of the Muslims of Myanmar. He also urged the civilised world to take notice of the tragic situation in Myanmar and stress theneed for the Muslims countries to take initiatives seeking an end to the massacre of Rohinga Muslims. He said, the world media, especially the media of Muslim countries should inform theworld about the situation in Myanmar. 
Addressing the round table conference, prominent journalist Ghulam Akbar said, the situation in Myanmar is a challenge for the whole world and the Muslim countries in particular as it is a question of human rights. He said, crimes against humanity are being committed in Myanmar against the Muslims and such crimes cannot go unnoticed. He said, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in his last sermon had clearly declared that all Muslims of the world were a single Ummah and they were asked to care for each other. The Muslims are bound to react to the situation and Myanmar and help the oppressed Muslims. 
Prominent intellectual Ambassador S. M. Kureshi lamented, that the world especially the Muslim countries were not doing much to help the Rohinga Muslims in Myanmar who are being subjected to world type of atrocities. He said, it is tragic that the extremist Buddhist monks have been leading the mobs who indulged in the killings of the Muslims in Myanmar and destroyed mosques. He appealed to the international community and OIC to take action in the right direction. Lt. Gen. (Retd) Abdul Qayyum expressed his views regarding the massacre of Muslims in Myanmar in thehistoric background. He said, it was time for the world especially the Muslim countries to act and start atrocities being committed in Myanmar against the Muslims. He recalled that Father of theNation, Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in his policy statement had said that Pakistan would always side with the oppressed people of the world irrespective of religion or ethnicity. Pakistan, he said, is duty bound to raise its voice in support of the oppressed Muslims of Myanmar. 

Prominent intellectual Mian Javed said, the situation in Myanmar in worst than what was in Rwanda and Bosnia. He urged the international community to take notice of sad situation in Myanmar where the Muslims have been deprived of citizenship and human rights.

He also urged the OIC and Asean should also take notice of the situation in Myanmar. He said, Pakistan on its part should raise voice against the genocide of Muslims in Myanmar.
Executive Secretary of NPC Kanwar Dilshad in his speech held the British Raj responsible for the injustice the Burmese Muslims were subjected to before that country was given independence. 
A large number of people present at the round table conference organized by the NPC to highlight the massacre of Rohinga Muslims of Myanmar. 

Muslim Ambassadors express solidarity with Rohingyas

Liaqat Toor
Islamabad—Ambassadors of Muslim countries stationed in Islamabad have expressed their solidarity with victims of Myanmar.
Muslim envoys including Ambassador of Tunis Mourad Bourehla, Ambassador Sherali of Tajikistan and High Commissioner of Nigeria Dauda Danladi participated in the Round TableConference on ‘Massacre of Muslims in Myanmar’, organized by Nazriya Pakistan Council at Aiwan-i-Quaid, F-9 Park on Friday.
The ambassadors who could not attend the conference due to their pressing engagements including Algerian Ambassador Ahmed Benflis and Palestinian Ambassador Walid. A.M Abu Ali in their messages to the conference supported and endorsed the views of the speakers and the resolution passed on the occasion. Terming the wanton killings of Muslims in Myanmar as a violation of UN Charter, they sought an end to such acts of savagery. 
The Ambassadors of Myanmar and UN representative in Pakistan were also invited to the conference, but due to obvious reasons they did not attend it.
RTC adopts 6-point Resolution
Zahid Malik demands Referendum on a separate State for Muslims in Myanmar
Ashraf Ansari
Islamabad—Mr. Zahid Malik, Editor-in-Chief, Pakistan Observer, has said that in view of the horrible acts of most shameful savagery perpetuated by Buddhist monks on hapless Rohinga Muslims in Myanmar, time has come that they may demand a separate homeland.
Addressing the Round Table Conference on “Massacre of Muslims in Myanmar” hosted by the Nazriya Pakistan Council, Islamabad at Aiwan-i-Quaid, Fatima Jinnah Park, Islamabad, Mr. Malik, who is also the Chairman of the NPC, called for an immediate end to the brutalities being committed on Muslims in Myanmar. 
He conveyed shock over, what he called, the “implicit complicity” of the Myanmar’s authorities in the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in that country and expressed sorrow over the “mysterious silence” of the much-publicized noble laureate, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi who is aspiring to be the next President of Myanmar. However, he said all that was understandable but he questioned where was the UN? Where were the international human rights organizations including those of Pakistan? Why the world media was not taking note of the genocide of the Muslims and why were they not showing footage of the charred bodies of the innocent Muslims including women and children
Mr. Malik also criticized the Muslim countries and their sole representative body, OIC, for their total failure to come to the rescue of the Rohinga Muslims. However, he praised the 50 million dollars donation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the rehabilitation of uprooted and broken Muslims. He also appealed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and the Government of Pakistan which has always championed the causes of the suffering Muslims in the past, to play its traditional role and rush humanitarian aid to the Rakhine State and a Federal Minister may be deputed to personally go there and deliver relief goods and also raise Pakistan’s concern at the international forum.
Later, a 6-point Resolution with the strong backing of the audience was adopted which demanded: 
1. That the Secretary General of the United Nations, H.E. Mr. Ban Ki Moon or his Special Envoy should immediately visit the blood-soaked areas of Myanmar to have firsthand knowledge of the plight of Muslims so that the UN may come out with a way-out.
2. That the President Obama-led West and the European Union should come out with their condemnation of the killing of Muslims and should also please rush some urgent humanitarian aid.
3. That the world media should despatch their teams to the Rakhine State as they had been rightly despatching such teams to Iraq, Afghanistan etc.
4 That the Secretary General of the OIC should personally visit the scene of savage acts of genocide and play a role in providing some relief to the affectees of the ethnic cleansing.
5 That the Government of Pakistan should take note of the situation and as per its tradition rush humanitarian aid to the affected Muslims. It may be appropriate that a Federal Minister leads a group of people to deliver relief goods and console the ill-fated Muslims.
6. Government of Pakistan may take the issue of Rohinga Muslims of Myanmar to the International Court of justice as it is a matter of crimes against humanity.