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Rohingya villagers held a Natala villager

Maungdaw, Arakan
State:Rohingya villagers from Du Cheradan ( Kilaidaung) village had held U Aung
Than, son of U Shwe Lon – a Rakhine -, hailed from Kharay Myin model village in
Maungdaw south while a group of Rakhine model villagers came to Rohingya
village – Du Cheradan ( Kilaidaung) – to torch the houses, according to a local
villager who denied to be named.  
On June 10, at
about 10:00 pm, U Aung Than accompanied by another 8- Rakhine villager went to
the Kilai Daung (Dou Chee Yartan) village to torch the Rohingya houses, but the
villagers came to know and chased them, but, U Aung Than was held by the
villagers. However, the other Rakhines managed to flee, said the local
After arrest, the
Rohingya villagers handed over him to the local Nasaka –Burma border security
force- personnel to avoid further problem in the village. The authority said
they will call Rohingya villagers next for investigation. But, released him
after Rohingya villagers returned to their village.
But, a Rakhine said
a group of Muslim men tortured and arrested U Aung Than near his village while
he was looking for frogs with other 8 villagers in the flooded land.
“We have being kept
in village since last year June, and the 144 section is imposed only for the
Rohingya community. In these situation, Rohingya villagers are not able to go
out of their villages at night. How did they arrest the U Aung Than out of
their village? , said a local trader.
U Aung Than was
sent to village clinic by his family members and the authority has begun
investigation into the matter. The authority  
prohibited the villagers not to disclose about the incident.
A Rohingya village
elder said, “This kinds of event, we frequently face in the village. Regarding
this, we appraise to the local Nasaka, but they don’t take any heed.”
There is no law and
no protection for Rohingya community in Arakan, said another local businessman
on condition of anonymity.
The main problem is
that the Natala villagers are encouraged by the local Nasaka security force to
do anything against the Rohingya community. It is their policy to give
harassment to the Rohingya people through the Natala villagers, the
businessman, more added.