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Riyadh seeks info from Dhaka on Rohingyas

Foreign Minister Dipu Moni  

Kamran Reza
June 11, 2013

    Saudi Arabia goes ahead to legalise Myanmar nationals

    Riyadh has
    requested Dhaka to provide documents on the Rohingya Muslims who entered Saudi
    Arabia through Bangladesh, as the country goes ahead to legalise Myanmar
    nationals, Foreign Minister Dipu Moni has said.
    Replying to a
    question from Awami League MP Nurul Islam, the minister told the House Monday
    that the BNP-Jamaat-government’s tacit support during 2001-2006, coupled with
    the corruption of the passport department helped the illegal Rohingyas to get
    Bangladeshi passports.
    “They received
    passports mainly from the Chittagong office. They started working in Saudi
    Arabia with legal documents,” Dipu Moni said.
    She said the
    Bangladesh consulate office in Jeddah stopped renewing passports issued during
    BNP’s rule. “I want to make it clear that the present government has not issued
    any passports to Rohingyas.”
    The minister said
    the Saudi Arabian government, who seeks to legalise the Rohingyas, sought
    documents from Bangladesh proving that they entered the kingdom through
    Replying to another
    question from Nasimul Alam Chowdhury of the Awami League, Home Minister
    Muhiuddin Khan Alamgir told parliament that the Rohingyas’ efforts to sneak
    into Bangladesh were on, but no such intrusion had taken place due to the
    government’s vigil along the Myanmar border.
    Up until January 1,
    he said, Border Guard Bangladesh had stopped 2,625 Rohingya Muslims from
    immigrating illegally and sent them back to Myanmar.
    The home minister
    said the government had approved a plan to increase the number of BGB forces
    along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border.