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Jaliyat Members sell Rohingya Iqama (Stay Permit) to non Rohingya in KSA

Mayu press: June 22, 2013 (Jeddah) The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) formed a Rohingya Registry Committee under the supervision of Makkah based Jaliyat, an organization for providing Iqama (Stay Permit) to every single Rohingya Body lives there. The persons of Registry Committee approve thousands of non Rohingya as Rohingya to getting Iqama (Stay Permit) with 25-30 thousands Riyal per head.
The government of Saudi Arabia attempts to help Rohingya only who are in KSA with free Iqama (Stay Permit) and job facilities as the Burmese Buddhists proceed to vanish whole Rohingya Community from their homeland, Arakan, Burma.
The Saudi Authority asked Rohingya Registry Committee to justify and list all the Rohingya live in KSA with complete profile.
Regarding the information on data list, the registry committee preferred more Bengali than actual Rohingya to be input profile. As they follow the Breach of Order by taking 25-30 thousand Riyal per non Rohingya.
Hence, it can be conducted that, the registry committee led by Jaliyat becomes increasingly interested to entry no Rohingya as Rohingya for Iqama (Stay Permit) whereas the greatest proportion of Rohingya are missing to do.
The term “Rohingya” is not a public property to apply for fund collection and self beneficiary. This is an ethnic minority who has moral in character, royal in family background, enriched in hospitality and noble faith on Religion but made them stateless by Buddhist government of Burma.
Some people fraud making organization with the name of Rohingya. The person who does not know, “what is Rohingya? Who are Rohingya? What is the language of Rohingya?” and also no perfect leadership quality.
For instance, Abdullah Marou who does not speak Rohingya and English excluded Arabic, and never ever seen Rohang (Arakan), has appointed for Global Rohingya Center (GRC). How can he overcome the tragedy of Rohingya?
The Jaliyat members have denied getting Iqama (Stay Permit) with sort of misbehaving to Mohammad Noor, director of Rohingya Vision (Rvision), a first video channel of Rohingya live broadcasting although he is a real Rohingya born in Arakan.