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Four Rohingya killed in Buthidaung

KPN News: 
June 22, 2013 

Buthidaung, Arakan State: Four Rohingya villagers were brutally
killed by a group of Natala villagers on June 16, said an elder from the
village on condition of anonymity.
The deceased
have been identified as Mohamed Habib (47), son of Nazir Ahamed, Mohamed Yasin
(17), son of Mohamed Habib, Abdul Goni (18), son of Mohamed Yousuf and another
one ( not available ).  They all hailed from Singdi Parang village
tract of Buthidaung south.
The deceased
Rohingya went to the forest to collect firewood and vegetables in morning of
June 16, but they didn’t back to their home in the evening of that day,
according to sources 
A group of victims’ relatives went to different areas of mountains side
to look for their love one whereabouts in the morning of June 17. But, they
didn’t get any information, sources said.
However, on
June 19, the relatives got information from some sources that they were killed
by a group of Natala villagers in the Mountain-pass — people cross from
Buthidaung to Maungdaw– which is called Singdi Parang-Gudusara Dala, the
younger brother of victim Mohamed Habib said.
Later, the
relatives of the victims went to the spot and saw the dead bodies in the
forest. After that, some of the relatives went to the Nasaka camp and gave
complaint to the concerned authorities regarding the murdering.
relatives tried to get permission from the authorities to bring dead bodies to
their homes but the authorities refused it, said an aide of Nasaka.
A local
youth said, “It is a big human rights violation that the Nasaks doesn’t allow
the relatives to carry the dead bodies to their homes for funeral.”
“The Natala
villagers of Singdi Parang, frequently disturb and threat to kill the Rohingya
villagers if Rohingya villagers go to the forest for collecting firewood and
others, said  Rafique from Singdi Parang village.
“Habib and
his son Yasin are daily workers; they support their family members by selling
firewood after collecting firewood from forest. Others two are also daily
President Sein Thein is systematically killing Rohingya people by bluffing the
world community that showing as a reformist for the democracy in Burma.
Thousands of Rohingyas have been displaced by the government and hundreds of
innocent Rohingya people have also been killed by Natala villagers and
concerned authorities, said a local trader from Buthidaung.