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    Rights violations against Arakan Muslims persist in Myanmar

    A Muslim Rohingya
    man prays in front of a temporary relief camp in a school in Thetkaepyin
    village, on the outskirts of Sittwe on May 17, 2013.
    World Bulletin:
    May 24, 2013
    Despite the
    messages Myamnar President Thein Sein gave during his US visit, the suffering
    of Arakan (Rohingya) Muslims continues.
    Arakan Rohingya
    Union President Prof Dr. Wakar Uddin, who resides in the US, evaluated the
    latest developments in Arakan and the US visit of Myanmar President Thein Sein.
    Thein Sein’s US
    visit was a sign of Myanmar’s desire to develop relationships with the US.
    Thein Sein knew
    that this topic would be on the agenda and therefore came to the US prepared.
    “We will see how effective Obama’s messages will be,” Uddin said.
    Wakar Uddin indicated
    that the aggression against the Arakan people did not cease even during Thein
    Sein’s US trip, and said:
    “All mosques
    in Arakan are still closed. Not even funeral prayer are allowed. Muslims must
    bribe officials during the night hours in order to bury their dead. A
    commission appointed by the Myanmar government prepared a biased report. The
    report therefore blamed all incidents of violence in the region on Muslim
    religious officials. There was no mentions of the violence committed by
    Buddhist monks against Muslims and of the radial Buddhist terrorist
    organization ‘969.’”
    Emphasizing that
    the right to recognition of their identity topped the list of Arakan Muslims’
    concerns, Uddin explained: