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Media Coordinator of (ERC) addressed on the issue of Muslims in Burma at Egypt

Burma Times Frankfurt:  Mr.  Ata Allah Noor  of the  Rohingya News Agency  ,media coordinator of the European Rohingya Council (ERC addressed on the issue of Muslims in Burma entitled as  Muslims of  Burma; in the afternoon of Wednesday, May 15, Faculty of Human Medicine at Suez Canal University in Ismailia, Egypt.

It is a formal invitation from the university to identify the cause of Muslims in Burma under the auspices of the beginning of the family and in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine, where he was addressed until three hours.
Since five decades , they  face atrocities.  According to  the period of address ,in the first segment ,  stated about Islam arrival  at Arakan coast in western  Burma and  propagation of Islam   some other provinces , in the second segment, the existence of Rohinya into Arakan territory is since 7th century.

Meeting with Journalist
In the seventh segment  ,talked on ground the situation of Rohingya in refugee camps of IDP(Internal Displaced people) in  western Burma. In the eighth segment , -clarified about the events that erupted recently in June  2012 which triggered perpetual discriminations and incriminations repressively.
Lastly in the ninth segment , addressed the infinite magnanimity of the Islamic countries who attempted ceaselessly to rescue the Muslims of Burma,in particular, Rohingya mostly. 
furthermore, pleaded  there  for the significantly importance  to empower  the European Rohingya Council   with a media  by which the council can campaign more effectively. And , illustrated  the case of Rohingya  by the true picture of what is going on in  Burma such as gangbang, incrimination, looting, threats, torturing unto death, etc.
The media coordinator of the European Rohingya Council (ERC) met with the Burmese students who are studying at universities in Egypt, and spoke to them about the current situation of Muslims in Burma, and what is inevitable currently to gain a solution for the distressed Muslims of Burma who are in at risk of life and dinned with them.
Suez Canal University in Ismailia

Suez Canal University
He finally met with many social and political elites of the Arab Republic of Egypt, explained them the ground situation of the Muslims of Burma and pleaded them to make concentrated efforts to protect the lives of innocent Rohingya who are going to be extinct in Burma immediately within some years.