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Kuwait MPs condemn killing of Muslims in Myanmar

Kuwaiti Shiite Muslim member of Parliament
Saleh Ashour
Gulf News:
May 6, 2013
TEHRAN, May 6 (KUNA) — A Kuwaiti parliamentary
delegation partaking in an Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) meeting on Monday
denounced the killing of Muslims in Myanmar.
“We condemn and denounce the killing,
slaying, intimidation and persecution of Muslims in Arakan region in
Myanmar,” the head of the delegation, MP Saleh Ashour addressed the APA
He said a Kuwaiti parliamentary team would visit
Myanmar by the end of this month in order to have a first-hand look at the
violation of the political and human rights and conditions of Muslims in
He highly commended a draft resolution on the
fight against terrorism and foreign occupation, which he said ran compatible
with the principles and goals of the APA charter, which supports the security,
peace and stability of all world peoples in general and Asian peoples in
Ashour stressed the significance of suggested
draft resolutions, which reflected the APA’s activities, pointing to a draft
resolution calling for supporting a Palestinian state and protecting the
legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.
On Syria, the Kuwaiti member of parliament
said: “Peaceful dialogue involving all the spectra of the Syrian people is
the only way to resolve the Syrian crisis, to stem bloodshed and to prevent
destruction.” He also underlined the importance of establishing friendship
and cooperation among Asian countries, considering “the achieving and
consolidation of friendship and cooperation a key matter for security, peace
and stability in Asia.” Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti parliamentary delegation
presented a draft resolution to the APA Executive Board meeting on the
protection of Muslims in Myanmar.
The document, which was read out by MP Saleh
Ashour, called on the international community to take action to stop the
serious violation of the Muslim minority’s rights in Myanmar.
It also called for immediate humanitarian aid
to Muslims in Arakan in Myanmar, especially those living in refugee camps in
It even condemned a law adopted by the
government of Myanmar in 2001 banning the building or restoration of mosques in
Myanmar. (end)