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    ERC representatives and Dr.Maung Zarni partook a seminar in Sweden

    ERC Delegation Meet Dr. Zarni
    By Mohamed Farooq
    May 7, 2013
    The Stockholm University of Sweden held a seminar on “Forum for Asian Studies” at William Olsson Hall, the department of geological science on 3rd May 2013. It depicts Rohingya tragedy and Human Right Eradication in western Burma.
    Burma (Myanmar) is a nation with ambition to make their name and discharge their White Man’s Burden, one of the world’s hottest assignments in the world of diplomats, development consultants, NGO experts and academic researchers, a lucrative ‘frontier’ market for investors, venture capitalists and multinationals, a must-go for both citizen-tourists and global luminaries. This lecture will critically discuss the rose-tinted view of reforms in Burma against the troubling realties as lived by the people of that country, including full-scale Rohingya genocide of 40 years, the 60-years of Burmese army’s un-ending internal colonial wars against the Christian Kachins, the Karens, the Shans and other ethnic minorities who make up a third of the country’s population, the unfolding state-backed neo-Nazi “Buddhist” movement, the widespread land grab and economic displacement.
    A team of the European Rohingya Council (ERC) representatives; Mr. Zakaria from Denmark, General Secretary, Mr. Abul Kalam from Sweden, Development & Welfare Secretary, Mr. Faruq Hussein from Sweden, a Founder Member of ERC and Mr. Ibrahim  from Sweden, a supporter of ERC took part in the seminar.
    Dr. Maung Zarni, the founder of the Free Burma Coalition addressed the history of Rohingya habitants in Arakan since centuries of years. He also illustrated on going Rohingya genocidal pogroms and Human Right transgressions in Arakan state of Burma. He criticized the cruelty acts of the Burmese President U Thein Sein government back support by military so call democracy reform in his speech and question answer session.
    The European Rohingya Council (ERC) team led by Mr. Zakaria met with Dr. Maung Zarni and Mr. Jan Wihlborg, chancellor and delegation of Swedish Burma committee under the supervision of Shantana. The ERC team described details against brutal Rohingya ethnic cleansing sponsored by the Thein Sein’s regime to every participant in the seminar. They also requested to all international, local NGOs and all Human Right Defenders attended in the seminar to focus the Rohingya issue and apply their logical power based on legality to terminate the Rohingya plight.
    Please Listen Dr. Maung Zarni audio file