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    A mosque and an Islamic religious orphanage burnt down by Buddhists in Lashio of Shan State

    Mohamed Farooq
    May 28, 2013

    A mosque and an Islamic
    religious orphanage were blazed in Lashio, a town situated in Shan State of  Burma on the night of 28 May 2013.
    The Buddhist thug surrounded the compound of the mosque, the
    largest one in Lashio, located in No.8 quarter at 8 pm tonight and they set
    fire the building at around 8.10 pm.
    Regarding the reliable
    sources, fire brigade failed to extinguish. Fire service holders simply claimed
    that they did not receive any further instruction to do so. The mob also set on
    fire an Islamic religious orphanage. The orphanage provided shelter more than
    200 helpless and poor students across the Lashio.
    The event had been taken
    place by a dispute between a man and a woman who had been set on fire. It was
    spread out as the man is a Muslim. As per information from local residents, the
    man is not a Muslim. The woman victim hospitalized at Lashio general hospital.
    The authority imposed Section 144 there.
    There are five Mosques and
    an orphanage with about 1500 Muslim families’ inhabitants.
    For more information please
    +95-092013659  Ko Maung Gyi
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