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Sudden rain gusts up Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh

Photo Kutupalong make-shift camp.
Kutupalong refugee camp in raining
Bangladesh: A sudden rain gusted up Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh on
April 16 at 3:30 pm, according to Anwar from Refugee camp.
“The sudden rain
gusted up the camp upside down, most of shacks from unregistered camp were
destroyed and refugee are now facing very difficult to stay inside the shacks
as heavy rain fell in the camp.”
“I fixed the roof
of my shack in the summer as prepare for coming raining season, but the sudden
rain gusted up and blew up my roof from shack. How I manage again to fix it, it
is very expenses to collect woods, bamboos and plastics,” said Amina Begum, a widow
from the camp.
The sudden rain
gusted the Kutupalong Refugee camp – registered and unregistered – are facing
same problem – the roofs – but unregistered camp is more effect than
registered. The registered camp’s sheds are repairing by the government of
Bangladesh and UNHCR, but the unregistered are not able to repair their shacks
as no one help them to repair and facing difficulty to sleep and stay inside
their shacks. Most of the shacks’ roofs were blew up and rain fell inside the
shacks, said Mohamed, a committee member from camp.
“The D block of the
camp was more effected in the camp as it is situated on the top of the hill
which sudden rain gusted the block more.”
Six home education
centers were blew up and the teachers and parents are worry about children
education, if they are not able to fix it on time, said Hamid , a parent  of three children from school.

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