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    Rohingya Muslims are in deplorable condition in Burma the Siasat Daily

    Burma, Sittwe township, Arakan State Rohingya Refugee Appeals to the World

    The Siasat Daily:
     April  3, 2013

    April 03: Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar are leading a
    miserable life. The Govt. of Myanmar doesn’t recognize them as the citizens of
    the country. The Muslims of Myanmar are the worst affected persons in the
    world. In 1948, Burma got freedom from the slavery of the Britishers but the
    Muslims of this country didn’t yet get freedom.

    Rakhain is the province which is adjacent to the
    border of Bangladesh. The Muslims of Myanmar are therefore taking shelter in
    Bangladesh. Islam has established the concept of brotherhood. It declared that
    a Muslim is the brother of another Muslim. Therefore, it is the responsibility
    of all the Muslims of the world to help the Muslims suffering in any part of
    the world.

    These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Mohammed Abdur
    Rahim Quraishi, President of All India Majlis-e-Tameer-e-Millat while
    addressing a gathering of the study circle of Tameer-e-Millat held on the last
    Sunday. On Bloodshed of Burmese Muslims and the indifference of the World.

    Qari Mohammed Suleman recited the verses of the Quran.
    Mr. Mohammed Ziauddin Nayyar, Acting President of Iqbal Academy told that the
    brutal killings of the Muslims of Myanmar and their life of helplessness
    aggrieves even the cruel persons. The attitude of the Budhists has exposed
    their artificial Philosophy.

    Mr. Aziz Pasha, former Rajya Sabha member of CPI told
    that we should tight against terrorism. The Muslim ambassadors in India should
    be given resolutions by various organization to help these victims. He told
    that the Budhists are making an attempt to send the Muslims away from Myanmar.

    Maulana Ilyas Hashmi told that many innocent lives are
    being destroyed in Myanmar but the international media is keeping silent.

    Mr. Omer Ahmed Shafeeq, Secretary of the city unit of
    Tameer-e-Millat gave the details of the atrocities meted out to the Muslims of

    Dr. Yousuf Hamidi conducted the meeting and proposed
    the vote of thanks to speakers and audience.