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Rohingya calls on visit of Muslim leaders

Anadolu Agency:
10 April 2013
Visit of Turkish FM Ahmet Davutoglu to Myanmar had
influenced situation of Rohingya Muslims and visit of Muslim leaders could
raise more awareness of tragedy in region.
ISTANBUL — Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar have called on
the leaders of the Muslim world to visit the region.
Muhammed Idris, training and project manager of
El-Feyyadi aid organization in Myanmar, told Anadolu Agency that Turkish
Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s visit to Myanmar had influenced the
situation of the Rohingya Muslims and the government of Myanmar no longer
considered the situation as it used to be.
Emphasizing that the Organization of Islamic
Cooperation (OIC) and the UN began paying more attention to the tragedy in
Myanmar following Davutoglu’s visit, Idris called on the leaders of the Muslim
world to visit the region to raise international awareness.
“Last year great numbers of Muslims were
massacred by Buddhist militia. The massacre wasn’t covered in the media as
widely as it should, although there was footage of it,” Idris said.
Reminding that the massacres of Muslims began 50 years
ago however, it was made public last year, Idris said, “Buddhist militia
want to sweep Muslims from the region. Those who escape the violence and are
forced to seek refuge in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Malaysia, can never return to
their homeland even if they wish so.”
The number of Muslims was reduced to 40 percent from
70 percent due to ethnic cleansing and the number of mosques was also reduced
as they were burnt down and building of new ones wasn’t allowed, Idris added.
Idris also expressed his concern that the hate of
Buddhists towards Muslims could have more dangerous outcomes in the future.
Idris called on the international society and the
Turkish people to help Rohingya Muslims struggling to live in difficult