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Natala attempt to abduct a Rohingya villager

Maungdaw, Arakan
: A group of Sommona  Natala
villagers  attempted to abduct a Rohingya
villager on April 10, 2013 for refusing to pay money they asked before, said a
local trader from Aley Than Kyaw. “A group of Natala villagers went to Zurforza
village tract of Aley Than Kyaw, with long swords at about 12:30 am at night on
April 10 while all villagers were sleeping.”

Mohamed Rafique
(40), son of Kala Meah, hailed from Zurforza village tract of Aley Than Kyaw
under the Maungdaw township and also a rich man in the village. The Natala
villagers want his wealthy by kidnapping from his home and need to come out
from house by shouting as “Your paddy fields are being destroyed.”  But, Rafique saw some Rakhine Natala villagers
with swords within his boundary, according to villagers.

After seeing the
Rakhine Natala villagers, Rafique screamed and wanted help from the neighboring
villagers. On hearing his voice, some Rohingya villagers rushed to the spot and
seeing villagers The Rakhine Natala ran away from his boundary, said a relative
of the victim.

“Rafique cannot
sleep in his house at night for fear of attack by Natala villagers at any
According to
different sources, many Rohingya villagers had already killed in the village
and forest by Natala villagers. So, there is no life’s security of Rohingya
community in Arakan State, Burma.