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    More new Rakhines seen in Maungdaw

    State: More new arrival Rakhines were seen in Maungdaw north since middle of
    March, according to an elder from Maungdaw.
    many new arrival Rakhines from Rathidaung and other parts of Arakan were seen
    at Ngwai Taung Natala village – situated inside the mountain, east of
    Bakagonena village tract and informed to the concerned authority –army outpost
    and Nasaka outpost in Kawliza Banga village.”
    the security force didn’t charge on these new Rakhine community in Ngwai Taung
    Natala village, said a village from Nwahyondaung village.
    One Rakhine from Rathidaung was loitering near the Rohingya village of Yay Myet
    Taung on March 28  night which was
    informed to the security force (Army) stationed in Kawliza Banga. The army
    arrested the Rakhine and toke to their camp where the army interrogated him.
    The Army found- two patrol bottles, matches, rings of incendiary material used
    in committing arson and iron hooks. But, he was released after two days
    interrogation, said a village admin officer from Maungdaw.
    Yay Myet Taung had faced two arson by Rakhines out of the village where the
    villagers planned betel leaves and haystack of animals for raining season. The
    Rakhines set on fire the betel leaves plan gardens and haystack of animal on
    March 30 and 31, said a farmer from Yay Myaet Taung.
    informed to the Army and Nasaka, but action was taken till now and we are
    keeping our village at night with emergency ACT 144. We can’t protect our

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