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More Bengali Buddhists settling in the areas of Rohingya

Mohamed Farooq

April 22, 2013
The Burmese state regime is going to settle Bengali
Buddhists from Bangladesh of different areas; Ali Kadam, Naikonchori, Ragamati,
Bandarban, and Kagrachori to the host places of Rohingya majority area, the
entire Maungdaw Township. Fifty Buddhist families are residing in the camps of
Burmese Border Guards (Nasaka) at sectors (1), (2) and (3) respectively for
settlement. Earlier this month, at least 300 families have been settled there.
Bangladesh is a state of People’s Republic. There is
freedom, safety, security and opportunity for every race of communities;
Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist. No discrimination heads on against other
minorities where almost ninety percent Muslims in total population of 16 crore.
Thus, Bengali Buddhist minority has no reason to flee Arakan and the fact is
only to root out Rohingya ethnic minority with the policy of Burmese regime.
Twenty-six Bengali Buddhist families were temporary
sheltered inside the Border Guard Force (Nasaka) Camp No: 05 called Ngayin
Chaung (Boutoror Ghati) to settle in Razarbill (Nanya Kain), northern Maungdaw.
Twenty-four families staying in Taung Pyo, sector No: 03, Maungdaw Township.
Some families reside in Bandulla, sector No: 01 for settlement.
Further, many families are getting ready for
settlement with needy materials provide by Burmese authority in Arakan told by
a Bengali Buddhist.
Mohamed Farooq is an activist and a B.Sc. Engineer
in Electrical and Electronics.