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Killings in Burma lead to protest

CAMPAIGNERS gathered at a peaceful protest in Oxford against the killings in Burma.

The vigil at Oxford’s Carfax Tower on Thursday afternoon paid tribute to Muslims killed by Buddhists.

The event was organised by the Oxford Islamic Information Centre, in Cowley Road. The director of the centre, Dr Hojjat Ramzy, said: “We want to know why there is this violence.

“We believe Buddhists are very peaceful people, so it is very, very sad for these killings to be happening.

“They have been living for thousands of years in peace and it looks like a few extremist Buddhists are killing these innocent people, which is totally against their beliefs as Buddhists.”

He claimed about 70 to 100 people attended the vigil.

Last month, at least 40 deaths were reported after violence between Muslims and Buddhists in the central Burmese town of Meiktila.