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    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation warns over Muslims conditions in Myanmar

     By Press TV

    Myanmar has been the scene of deadly clashes over the past twelve months.

    According to reports by the I-H-H, Humanitarian Relief Foundation, a large number of villages were torched and thousands of Muslims were killed brutally.

    Tens of thousands were also displaced.

    Those who were able to escape the country, went to neigboring Bangladeshi refugee camps where they are trying to survive depending on what humanitarian relief groups like the IHH provides for them.

    Recently the violence has spread to 12 different cities in Arakan Region, only 3 of which NGOs can enter, which actually makes it impossible to come up with accurate numbers of Muslims who have been killed, tortured or displaced. The massacre the Arakanese people have been subjected to is unbelievable. Reports of Muslims being burned alive, buried alive, womenbeing raped, people being tortured to death keep coming in from those who have visited the region. Many humanitarian relief workers are complaining about the inaction of the international community. Said Demir of the I H H is one of them:

    An international rights group has accused senior authorities in Myanmar of organizing ‘a campaign of ethnic cleansing’ against the Rohingya Muslim minority.

    As the pictures indicate very clearly, Arakan Region of Myanmar is no less than a disaster zone where bloody attacks has left hundreds of Muslims dead and forced 125-thousand of them to flee from their homes in 2012.