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ERC’s Representative met Ms. Anna Uggla at Foreign Affairs Ministry of Sweden

M.r Abul Kalam and Ms Anna Uggla
By Mohamed Farooq
Burma Times April 27, 2013 The Department for Asia and Pacific called on the European Rohingya Council with contemporary critical issue of internally displaced Rohingya persons inside Arakan on 25th April 2013.
The Development and Welfare Secretary of the European Rohingya Council (ERC), Mr. Abul Kalam had met Ms. Anna Uggla, in-charge for Burma in the Department for Asia and Pacific at Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  Mr. Abul Kalam addressed in details of present situation of Rohingya in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps as well as about those staying overseas. He also handed over a memorandum of ERC having their theme, tasks and objectives towards getting Rohingya Right to the Chancellor and Chairman of DHAMMA SOCIETY SWEDEN, Mr. Jan Wihlborg
Mr. Jan Wihlnorg stated the entire tragedy of Rohingya situation at the meeting and what will be the fate of refugees of IDP camps in the rainy season. More than 140,000 Rohingya refugees Rohingya staying in IDP camps of miserable huts, they are not allowed to move anywhere for work or bring the foodstuffs. Mr. Abul Kalam has also asked government of Sweden to concern Rohingya’s terrified plight made by Burmese junta for halting decades’ long Rohingya persecution as early as possible. He added that it is not sure the Swedish government had sent  a letter of  condemnation  against mass killing of Rohingya and human right violation to the Burmese President Thein Sein as it was printed neither in national papers of Sweden nor in global electronic media. Recently, the Prime Minister of Sweden, Mr. Fredrik Reinfeldt visited Burma. It is not obvious whether he urged the Burmese junta to shutdown all inhuman plan and pogrom to defenseless Rohingya minority.
Mr. Abul Kalam heart fully thanked the government of Sweden and Swedish civilians as they do not like  be patient to any little crime and injustice  against minorities across the world and ready to proceed getting solution and legal action in the  parliamentary house. This is well known Swedish government and NGO’s are providing adequate aids to Suryein people, Palestinian, Darfur in Sudan and other part in the world why not to Rohingya in Arakan, Burma? Does your government have any plan for Rohingya’s safety in case of human being living organisms in the world?  Ms.  Anna Uggla responded their    ambassador and department responsible for Burma is monitoring every side and their government had provided 30 million kroner for IDP refugees in Burma by doctor of without border and Danish NGOs. Finally, she claimed that they will be continued to help.
He also added international supports are going to the Burmese officials and they misapplied that amount and not to needy and starving Rohingya. He was hopeful the Swedish government will reform a committee including Rohingya experts for servicing aids to spot. He proposed appointing a meeting with chairman and vice-chairman of the European Rohingya Council (ERC) to the Swedish foreign minister Mr. Carl bildt. She had promised, ‘’ I will send the lists of donation with amount which provided already by Swedish government for IDP Rohingya Refugees and will inform you soon about an appointment with foreign minister.”