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ERC delegates attended 3-day IGMF Conference in Germany

By Mohamed Farooq
Burmatimes : April 15, 2013 (Frankfurt) International Society for Human Rights Germany (IGMF) held 41st Annual Conference on April 12 – 14, 2013 at Gustav-Stressmann Institute in Bonn, Germany. About 200 persons have
participated from different countries of the world; Cuba, China, Turkey, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Iran, USA, UK and Burma (Myanmar) etc.
In the Conference, the human right expert participants specially discussed over human rights violations against ethnic minorities across the world, persecution, extra judiciary killing, abusing, harassment, rapes on women, imprisonments, free of speech, religious activities restriction. They tried to find out remedy and prevention of minor communities with democratically reforms having equal right in the society.
Mr.Ibrahim, the Secretary of Media and Informationand Mr.M.Hussain Azmi, the Deputy General Secretary have been welcomed on behalf of the European Rohingya Council (ERC) for a three-day long conference.
The two delegates of the European Rohingya Council (ERC) submitted IGMF conference a statement of Rohingya existence history in Arakan, Rohingya Persecution for decades by Burmese regime governments, fundamental human right eradication, and citizenship law against 1982 Burmese constitution which made Rohingyas illegal, arbitrary arrest being no legal reasons and sentencing long term jail, killing Rohingya inside jail and recentRohingya genocide.

ERC Azmi and Ibrahim

Mr. Ibrahim and Mr. M. Hussain Azmi described inhumanity in details against Rohingya in Arakan from long years back to today.
In June 2012 sectarian violence, thousands of vulnerable Rohingyas were brutally killed in Arakan by Police, paramilitary [Hlun Tin], Army and Rakhine extremists. The Rakhine community formed an inter network in every government department to take illegal action to Rohingya. They make baseless allegation to Rohingya, as they like, saying of their involvement in the conflict and put in jail. In that violence about 1400 innocent Rohingyas were sent to jail with no legal reason. It is to believe that Burma Central Government is giving support in slow poisoning of Rohingyas in Arakan. 
Rohingya of every sort specially targeted to community leaders and Elders, Rich men, Scholars, Students, UN and INGOs staffs , Religious scholars and Youths are being arrested regardless of mad, deform,
sick and old as well as a few women and children.
The Rohingya women and girl are being raped everyday in absented of men almost men were not sleeping at home for the fear of arrest.

Many Rohingya women and girls were critically gang raped in several villages in different localities of Arakan bysecurity forces and Model Rakhine settlers.

There was also Physical harassment and beating to Rohingya women, girls and children in every village.
At least hundred people have been killed and more than 20,000 displaced, Mosques and religious schools burnt down, looted Muslim properties since the latest episode of communal unrest broke out on 20 March 2013 in Meiktila, 130 kilometers north of the capital Naypyidaw.
The ERC delegates proposed all the attendants of the conference to step up towards getting fundamental right of Rohinga in Arakan.

They had feedback positively to Rohingya issue for their fundamental right and committed to arrange an exclusive meeting concern of Rohingya tragedy.
The delegates of ERC had also met Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Mr. Thomas Rachel MdB in conference and talked about present situation of Rohingya. The ERC delegates request the German Government to condemn Burmese Government against discrimination and mass killing of Rohingya in Arakan.
IGMF appointed the European Rohingya Council (ERC) have a meeting on coming 17 April 2013.