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Cops arbitrary arrested Rohingyas in Northern Maungdaw

In each and every single City of Arakan (Burma), Nasaka(Border Guards), Riot Police and Rakhine Extremists are Continuously threatening Rohingya inhumanely. Extremists Rakhine and Authority. Photo 2012

By Mohamed Farooq

On April 17, 2013, police had detained more than forty Rohingya; teenagers, youths and adults from Kyeinn Chaung (Bollibazar) and Aung Sit Pyan, are the tracks of Maungdaw district, Arakan.
During raining days and nights in Arakan, Buddhist Rakhine boys and old men as groupings and individually spread  everywhere towards searching frogs from the farm fields and Rohingya villages’ houses compounds having a light torch,   long steel sharpen rods and containers.
The heavy rain and extreme blowing occurred on the night of 16 April 13. Traditionally, the Rakhine went out to hunting frogs to the areas of Rohingyas’ vegetable farms and houses’ fences. Some Rohingya men were watching their respective vegetables farms at night in the huts. While Rakhine were going to steal the vegetables and seasonal crops at the field, the Rohingya owners asked them not to thieving their farm’s products. The Rakhine took forcibly whatever they needed and told the owners “why you are here, (i.e., out of houses) at night as you are planning something to attack us” then
they left.
As soon as the Rakhines arrived their village, they have complained the police as some worsen top secret was going on against them by Rohingya civilians at the farm fields. Instantly, the cop teams from Bollibazar police station surrounded the village and caught Rohingya consisting of rich, poor, and labors not fewer than forty with committed no illegal activity or actions.
Some are loosen by squeezing a huge amount of money ten to five lakh kyat. The former Rohingya village administrator of Kyeinn Chaung, Muhammad Idris, a famous businessman had to pay 10 lakh to set free.

Most of the arrestees who are unable to pay demanded lots still detained in the custody.
Some detainees out of forty are:
  1. Idris
  2. Abdul Habib
  3. Kalu
  4. Fetan Ali
Mohamed Farooq is an activist and a B.Sc. Engineer in Electrical and Electronics.