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    Burmese refugees face starvation in Bangladesh

    Bazar, Bangladesh: Thousands of Rohingya refugees at an unofficial refugee
    camps in Bangladesh are facing starvation and acute malnutrition for their
    movement restriction from their camp, Nuru from refugee camp said. “The
    situation of political struggled up and down, the security force of Bangladesh
    beef up along the border and open more check points. The camps officials
    ordered not to go outside the camp and locals are also harassing the refugee
    while they went out of the camps.”
    of the refugees were arrested at checked post along the border, when they tried
    to go for work for their survival.”
    200 Rohingya refugees were arrested from different vehicles and areas after
    being conducted operation by the Bangladesh authorities along the border under
    the Cox’s Bazar district on April 5, according to refugees from unregistered
    Kutupalong camp.
    families in the unregistered Kutupalong makeshift camp haven’t eaten for days
    as they are not able to go outside the camp for their survival and for fear of
    arrest by the concerned authorities, refugees said.
    the camp authorities of the Kutupalong official camp had already prohibited the
    refugees not to go outside the camp without taking permission, official said.
    camp officials are not allowing refugees to go out of camps, who will feed them
    if they are not going to work, said a refugee committee member.
    need some kind’s identification to recognize us as refugee, so we can go to
    work safely and no need to us to give any kinds of support.”
    are not being recognized as refugees by the government of Bangladesh and UNHCR.
    The government continues to block international humanitarian aid to support
    these people, according to different sources. “If any identification cards
    issue to them to work for survive.”
    is need for food ration for the unregistered Rohingya refugees as they don’t
    get any official support from any quarter.
    also said more than 60,000 Burmese Rohingya refugees of Kutuplong makeshift
    camp and over 12,000 unregistered refugees of Leda (Tal) are living in the
    miserable condition.
    Burmese Rohingya refugees took shelter in Bangladesh for their safety and to
    escape the persecution and harassed by Buddhist community and the concerned
    authorities of Burma. But, the Rohingyas face same problems in Bangladesh, said
    a politician from border.