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Two Rohingyas brutally killed in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Two Rohingyas were brutally killed by a group of
Natala villager on February 26, said an elder from the village.

Mohamed Sayed (43), son of Amir Hamza and Mohamed Rashid
(32) son of Lalu Meah, hailed from Nurullah Para (village tract) of Maungdaw
south, were killed by Natala villager – Rakhine – armed by authority for their

The authority – Township administration officer, U Kyi San
and District administration officer, U Aung Myint Soe – had ordered to security
force to train up with arms and given arms to them for their security after
June 8, conflict Rakhine and Rohingya.

Six Rohingya from Nurullah village went to forest to
collect fire woods and to catch fish in mountain stream on February 26,
according to a closed relative of victim.

A group of Natala –Rakhine – villagers went to the forest
where Rohingya were fishing in the stream and fired on them which made two dead
and four escape from the spot.

But, some said the shooting was made by army personnel who
stationed near the Natala village. The escape Rohingya told it made by Rakhine

However, two dead bodies were recovered and sent to
Maungdaw hospital for autopsy by security force (Nasaka). The concerned
authorities (Nasaka) and others officials investigated the event, said an
officer from security force.

“The bullet hit a Rohingya which blow out one eye and another
hit on the head.”

The dead bodies were sent to their village after autopsy
yesterday. Later they were buried in village graveyard.

Police officer Than Tin and Hla tin went to the Nurullah
village and collected all the kitchen knives from Rohingya homes, but they
didn’t do anything to Natala village, said the elder from the village.

Within February 2013, four children of one family were
killed by Natala villagers and many Rohingya women and girls were raped by
Burma’s security forces in Maundaw north, according to sources.

Sources also said that hundreds of Rohingyas had been
killed and thousands of Rohingyas had already being displaced from the Arakan
soil by the concerned authorities and Rakhines since June 2012.