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    Three Rohingya killed in Minbya, Arakan

    By Eng. Mohamed

    The Burmese authority
    had imposed curfew only to Rohingya not to move one place to another since June
    2012 racial violence in Arakan state. It causes Rohingya facing difficulties
    with hygienic foods, proper treatments, and necessary house hold materials and
    so on.

    Amongst the suffering
    people shortage with daily survival food stuffs, three Rohingya men from  Sinn Gyi Pyan 
    helmet of Barbutaung village, Minbya Township leaved with engine boat to
    buy  foods for the own villagers  towards 
    Letmagye , Nagaya Village on Thursday, 14 March 2013.

    Those three Rohingya
    were brutally killed on their water way by the Rakhine extremists. The dead
    bodies were found near Maroung Bwe Chaung Bridge of Bu Talonk village under the
    track of Mauk Oo on 16 March 2013.

    There were also some
    security personnel based in Myauk Oo Ka-ma-ya (380) when the dead bodies
    picking up from the water to the land. They got the dead bodies with many
    injures and wounds of knife cuttings to necks, ears, noses and also sex organs.

    The name of Rohingya
    killed by Rakhine extremists are:

    1.         Mohammad Ullah,38, s/o Amin Ullah
    2.         Manzur Alam,37, s/o Noor Alam
    3.         Mohammed Ayub,20, s/o Rashid