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The root cause of resumption of religious riots in Myanmar/Burma

By Mayu Desk  
Since there is a lot of sanctions and more pressing
over  Myanmar  amid martial law from international super
powers, eventually the military junta had to 
give up unwillingly the chair of state chief after five decades. And
in  2010 under supervision of military
higher officers, elected dramatically by prejudice constitutional law a
civilianized democrat president among military higher officers .As a result of
reform process, only aiming to show 
international  governments,INGOs,media,journalists
the pseudo reformist, so called president 
Thein Sein  developed some
Myanmarese populous areas , released some political and social prisoners  including convicted guilty of death penalty
among Buddhists by presidential amnesty , and 
it is reportedly announced that he is relentlessly making  efforts to 
establish a true democracy country.
According to the attention of  HRW,UN,OIC,US,EU,ASEAN  over 
the democracy rules  of  Myanmar regime, independent institutions
spoke out against the oppression and restrictions of the regime to  innocent public. Then forming conspiracies
with Rakhine extremists and Buddhist monk terrorist the president himself by
the command of former junta, Senior general 
Than Shwe ,self- retired , deliberately provoked religious clashes
between Rohingya and Rakhine, Mogh Buddhist in western Myanmar in the mid of
2012.  The ceaseless instigation
Islamphobia by terrorist Buddhists triggered the continual religious riots and
infected across the Myanmar in all Muslim Quarters in 2013.
Amid the current tense situation due to  religious riots in Yangoon,former capital of
Myanmar one local Buddhist of anonymity 
disclosed that the  government
itself involved  and  hastily triggered continual  religious riots. Its root cause is that the
civilianized military backed regime gladly wished to stay in power  continually 
under military control so they are creating one by one such destructive  violence 
in the country. We protect our Muslim neighbors surrounding their houses
but both unexpectedly and suddenly some crowd of strangers penetrate violently
and made huge destruction of both lives and properties. And at last, expressed
that  it is deplorable  today 
the terrorist of Buddhist monks attacks ahead of the security forces  to  our
Muslim brothers.