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The 27-member the Rakhine Crisis Inquiry Commission


The 27-member the
Rakhine Crisis Inquiry Commission had scheduled to release its report –
originally due out on in late November last year, but put off until Aril or
late March.
The word is the
report may not be made public. Here is the verifiable factual truth about the
commission set up by Thein Sein himself.
That inquiry
commission has no credibility.
Former actor and
medical doctor, the famous Ko Kyaw Thu, was invited to join, with the
president’s emissaries trying to stroke his ego with such lies as ‘President is
very desirous of your joining the inquiry commission’. Kyaw Thu was smart
enough to not waste his time, nor allow his good name dragged through the mud.
So, he said No to the presidential invite.
According to the most
crucial and credible member, neither the commission chairman Dr Myo Myint
(former director general of religious affairs and a historian of Mindon period)
and the secretary Dr Kyaw Yin Hlaing, now president’s adviser with the Myanmar
Peace Center, have attempted to ‘derail’ – the said commission member’s choice
of words – the inquiry. U Myo Myint was my history tutor at Mandalay University
in 1981. A Buddhist nationalist, he has been a state’s functionry all his
grown-up life, cutting his civil service career with Ne Win’s one party rule.
Kyaw Yin Hlaing, Myo Myint’s pupil in history major, has proven himself to be a
blatant liar. In the Saffront Revolt, he lied on a HK local TV that the thugs
from the USDA that were seen beating up the monks were ‘community leaders who
were trying to keep order’.
These old teacher and
pupil are heading this commission.
So, do NOT hold your
In the face of OIC
and UN pressure, Thein Sein set up the commission as a public relations device,
and used it in his UNGA speech.
Naypyidaw knows
exactly how the Rohingya genocide took place. Because they were behind it. They
have been pursuing the Rohingya genocide for the past 40 years.