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Security force detains seven villagers in Maungdaw

Arakan State: Burma border security force (Nasaka) personnel arrested and kept
in detained seven Rohingya villagers on March 4, over allegation of involving
in March 1, Rohingya murder- known as Natala murdered, according to a
businessman from Alay Than Kyaw.

 “The arrested have been identified as— Yakub (45), son of
Erashed, Ataullah (25), son of Yasin, Monu Meah (60), Esa Ali, Md. Younus (20),
son of Kalu, Abdul Kader (45), son of Kala Meah, Mohamed Siddik (50), son of
Kala and Sayedullah (43), son of Ahar Zaman.  They all hailed from Udaung
village of Maungdaw Township.”

Two Rohingyas were arrested from the village and others five were
arrested from the paddy filed – grow winter paddy where the water is available
– by the Nasaka personnel of Nasaka area No. 7 when the villagers were
supplying water to their paddy fields in the morning, said a relative of one of
the victims. .

The arrestees are innocent people and daily workers. They don’t
know about the event of March 1, said an elder from the village.

However, five villagers of them were released today morning
 after paying money and two remain villagers are being kept in the Nasaka
camp and their relatives were called to the camp by the Nasaka officer, but the
result is unknown, according to villagers. 

After arrest, the villagers were severely tortured in the Nasaka
camp. They are now taking private treatment at the village, according to
another relative of the victims.

At present, Nasaka personnel are trying to arrest more innocent
Rohingya villagers over the issue of murder case. So, many villagers become in
panic and fleeing from the houses to avoid arrest. 

Actually, a Rohingya villager was killed on March 1, by the Natala
villagers while he went to his betel garden. Though the murder case was clearly
committed by Natala villagers backing by Nasaka, the Rohingya villagers are
blamed or accused in the murder case, said a local elder. 

The Nasaka are getting money from the villagers, to get money,
Nasaka tortured and detained villagers and  villagers become panic, some
villagers will flee the native place to avoid arrest and torture. These are the
tactics of the Nasaka to drive out Rohingya people from the Arakan soil. It is
a dangerous policy, but many people ignore it, said a local political leader
from Maungdaw Town.